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Buyers want assurances & choices. Convincing a buyer that you can provide what he needs is the surest way to a sale. RWC offers more choices in builders home warranty plans than any other company; our Insurer has over $130 million in surplus equity (as of Dec. 31, 2023) & is rated “A- (Excellent)” by AM Best for all the assurance a nervous buyer might need.
We want to help turn a prospect into your next buyer!

Program Appeal

The reasons to choose RWC are numerous. Coverage options offered by RWC are designed to promote our Members’ success.


Easy to Join – Easy to Use. Membership provides advantages for marketing, risk management and customer satisfaction.

Warranty Products

Knowing that one single warranty format may not fit every builder’s needs, RWC provides Members with options – our “Menu of Choices.”

Unique Program Options

RWC provides several ‘value-added’ programs for our Members. We want to be your 1-stop shop for warranty & risk management needs.

When you think of home warranties & insurance, think RWC!

  • 38 years of experience and over 3 million homes warranted.
  • RWC's unique "Menu of Choices" - a wide variety of programs and services
  • Exclusive Customized State Warranty program - program complies with states' statutes of repose.
  • 10 Year Warranties including Day One Structural Coverage are available.
  • Insurer rated "A- (Excellent)" by AM Best continuously since 2001.
  • Insurer’s financial stability – $112 Million in Surplus Equity (as of Dec. 31, 2018).
  • Competitive rates.
  • Programs available to satisfy FHA/VA requirements.
  • Incentive program pays qualifying Members cash back for good warranty claims experience.
  • FREE Marketing Materials
  • Providing a written builder home warranty enhances the Member’s reputation with prospective buyers.
  • Warranty may improve resale value for Homeowners.
  • Check out our Top 10 Reasons to Choose RWC as your Builder Warranty Provider!

Enrollments & Membership

  • Simple home enrollment online through Warranty Express system.
  • FREE online home enrollment reports
  • Streamlined Builder Warranty Membership Renewal through Warranty Express
  • Thorough screening process to enhance risk management and insure that only "cream of the crop" applicants become Members.


Customer Service Management

  • Clearly written home warranty standards based on accepted industry guidelines establish reasonable third-party basis for the evaluation of perceived problems.
  • When disputes arise with Homeowners, a third-party warranty is an independently written, unbiased tool to reference in customer service discussions.
  • Effective third-party dispute resolution process – Formal binding arbitration available when needed.
  • Members’ liability is limited – regarding both length of time and coverage provided.
  • FREE Warranty Training Seminars.


Commercial Insurance for Builders

  • The RWC Insurance Advantage – affordable Commercial Insurance exclusively for Members.
  • General Liability, Builders Risk & Contractors Equipment options available.


For new homes, remodeling, commercial, you name it, the right warranty program makes all the difference! Our goals are to assist you in improving your customer service, define & limit your liability, and provide the builder warranty & insurance products your company needs. Browse our “Menu of Choices product guide to select the warranty plans that suit your business structure.





Either complete our online builder warranty application or the editable PDF version (complete application online & then print to sign) & submit to us. (Form #2507Form #205NJ in New Jersey)


For RWC Applicants: Print & sign the Membership Agreement, form #2500. If Sole Proprietorship & married, spouse(s) must also sign.
NEW JERSEY Applicants: use form #2500NJ
Texas Applicants: use form #82500
For HUD-Code Homes: use form #92500

Registration Fee

Annual Registration Fee of $295 which can be paid online.

Financial Information

You may securely upload your financial information to us by using our secure file upload portal. We will need your current company balance sheet or your most current corporate federal tax return. If Sole Proprietorship, please submit a personal financial statement. For your security, please do not email but use our secure link instead. If you prefer to send by mail, please use the address listed in Sending Your Application below.

Homes in Inventory

RWC & HOME Applicants With Homes Over $1 Million in Final Sales Price: Complete the editable Grandfather Form if you have homes currently under construction or completed but not yet occupied and that are over $1 Million in sales price that you wish to enroll. (Form #302E for RWCForm #302ENJ for New Jersey BuildersForm #8302E for HOME)

  1. If purchasing insurance through RWC Insurance Advantage, please note that all homes must be warranted.
  2. Homes over $1 million in sales price must also be inspected. Include the inspection fee of $250.
  3. PLEASE NOTE: ALL homes over $1 million that need to be warranted must be listed on the Grandfather Form. Additional homes to be grandfathered MAY NOT be added after membership is approved.

MHWC Applicants: Complete the editable Grandfather Form if you have any unoccupied homes that you wish to enroll. List all homes which will close within 30 days & are to receive an MHWC warranty. (Form #942E) Colorado has special requirements. Call MHWC for details.


Additonal technical information is required for condominiums. Call for details

Incentive Program

If your company is eligible for the Incentive Program & you wish to join, print & sign the Incentive Agreement. Include the program participation fee. (Form #2501Form #201NJ for New Jersey Builders)

Sending Your Application

If submitting your application online, you will receive information regarding any additional documentation needed. This additional documentation may be uploaded securely online to us via our secure file upload portal.

If submitting your builder warranty application by mail, send the complete application package including fees and financial information to the Warranty Company in which you are applying for primary membership:

  1. Residential Warranty Company LLC
  2. HOME of Texas
  3. MHWC
  4. Residential Structure Warranty
  5. USHP, LLC

Attention: Membership Department
5300 Derry Street
Harrisburg, PA 17111



Call 800-247-1812 or email
In Texas, call 800-445-8173 or email
To send confidential information to us, use our Secure File upload Portal.


Looking for Warranty Forms?

View All Forms
In addition to a variety of home warranty programs, RWC offers unique features to make your memberships as effective and efficient for you as possible.

Warranty Express

Warranty Express is our online system for everything from home enrollment to membership renewal to ordering marketing materials and enrollment reports.


Warranty Express enables you to:
  • Enroll multiple homes at one time.
  • Start the electronic enrollment process, save your work and come back later to finish or edit prior to submitting.
  • Enroll confidentially over a secure site.
  • Generate FHA confirmation letters or state affidavits if needed.
  • Order enrollment reports to reconcile your records.
  • Order marketing materials including sample warranty books, consumer brochures, signage for model homes, and important document folders to keep all your settlement paperwork together for closing.
  • Renew your Membership.
What’s the Warranty Express advantage for you?
  • NO “initial” enrollment paperwork.
  • NO deposits.
  • NO surcharges if the new home warranty fees are paid online.
  • NO waiting for the mail for warranty forms or books for closing.
  • Receive IMMEDIATE confirmation that your enrollment was received.
  • Both the Application for Warranty and the Warranty book are immediately available. Either print from the comfort of your office or simply email to your buyer.
  • FREE online builder home warranty enrollment reports.

Incentive Program

Residential Warranty Company, LLC (RWC) has issued over 3 million home warranties since 1981. We provide highly competitive rates and strive for innovative ways to maintain our leadership in the industry. In keeping with our history of innovation and competitive pricing, we established the unique RWC Incentive Program for our Members.

The Incentive Program is a great way for qualifying Members to effectively reduce their overall warranty costs by maintaining a high level of quality construction and customer service.  Members receive “cash” back for their good claims experience.

The Benefits
  • Incentive Members receive the best rate possible.
  • Rates are locked-in for 5 years with the standard warranty.
  • Membership fees are waived for years 2-5 – a savings of $1180!
  • In years 6-10, you receive cash distributions, assuming there are only minimal claims experience for your company.
  • The value of cash disbursements greatly reduces your overall effective rate.

Who is Eligible?

Members enrolling at least 20 homes or $2 million in sales volume annually are eligible to join.

How Does It Work?
  • Premise: If a Participating Member has few or no claims in Years 1-5, then RWC will return a portion of enrollment fees paid in the form of cash distributions in Years 6-10.
  • How Incentives Get Started: Both the Member and RWC set aside a program participation fee in Year 1 ONLY to open an account.
  • How Incentives Grow: Every time the Member enrolls a home and pays the warranty fee, RWC contributes 30% of that fee into this account.
  • How Incentives Are Paid: Annually, in Years 6-10, the Member will receive an incentive check. The amount of this check is determined by the number of homes enrolled less the value of claims, if any.

FREE Computerized Analysis

  • A free computerized analysis illustrating how the Incentive Program can work for you is available upon request. Request yours today by contacting your Account Executive or our Sales Dept. at 800-247-1812, Ext. 2149 or by emailing

CASH IN on YOUR Excellent Customer Service By Joining the Incentive Program!

RWC Insurance Advantage (RIA)

RWC Insurance Advantage is an intelligent approach to insurance protection for RWC’s Builder Members.
  • Exclusively available to Members of RWC and HOME of Texas.
  • By avoiding high risks associated with other commercial operations, RIA can keep the cost of claims low and pass the savings on to our Members.
  • The program is underwritten by an Insurer rated “A- (Excellent)” continuously since 2001 by A.M. Best.
  • Same insurer for both warranty and insurance – one that honestly understands the building industry.
  • Streamlined underwriting.
  • No monthly reporting.
  • Insurance options available: General Liability, Worker's Comp, Builders’ Risk, and Contractors’ Equipment
  • Qualify for up to a 25% DISCOUNT OFF your quote if you have a Safety Program.
  • No Interest Payment Terms available to those who qualify.

When you think of home warranties & insurance…
think of RWC & RIA! 

Call 866-454-2155 or click here to request a quote.

Warranty Training Seminars

Maybe you are a new Member or maybe you’ve been using the program for a while but would like a refresher.  RWC will come to your office and conduct a FREE in-depth training seminar for your staff (sales people, service technicians, administrative personnel, etc.)

Topics Covered

  • How a typical warranty document is set up and where to find things like the warranty standards, the dispute resolution process, etc.
  • What is covered, what is not covered and who is responsible.
  • How structural defects are determined.
  • Foundation perils and how to avoid them.
  • How the dispute resolution process works.
  • How to make the warranty work as an effective tool in providing fair customer service.
  • How the warranty helps to limit your responsibility and protect you from unreasonable homeowner demands.
  • Overview of all the services and programs we offer to make sure you are taking full advantage of everything available to you by virtue of your Membership.

To schedule a seminar for your business, contact your Account Executive or our Sales Dept. at 800-247-1812, Ext. 2149 or email

Free Marketing Materials

When you build a house and use better materials than your competition does, you know that’s a marketing advantage that you can tell your prospective buyers.  Unless your buyer has really researched building materials, they may not know the difference between one grade of carpet and another.  They may not understand “R values” or why one set of cabinets is better than another.  The only way they understand the “value added” of upgraded materials is IF YOU TELL THEM.  You train your salespeople on how to educate your prospects so that they are aware of everything you do or offer that’s “above standard” because you want them to pick you as their builder instead of that “other guy”.

The same holds true with your builder's home warranty program!  When you use an RWC warranty, you’re using a better product than anyone else out there, especially all those builders who basically self-insure.  So, you have to tell your buyers about it before they will understand what the value is to a homeowner.  And we are pretty certain that the average homeowner today will be impressed with the level of concern you demonstrate by adding this program to your homes.

So what’s available?  View thumbnail images of items available on our FREE marketing materials pages first and then order online, by phone, through your Account Executive, or by mail. Your Account Executive is also able to set up Warranty Training Seminars if desired.

brochures and signs available to builders

Need a logo for your website or advertisements?  Download it here.

Supplies can be ordered in a variety of ways:

Online: Order online through Warranty Express. (See link in top right corner of this page.)  Call us if you still need a password to login.

By E-Mail: Tell us what you need at

By Phone: 800-247-1812, Ext 2459.

By Mail: Order forms are found in publication RWC 542 – Marketing Essentials.

Get a warranty quote today to find out how RWC can help!

“RWC provides excellent protection for our new homes giving our customers peace of mind.”

Darlene P., Pennsylvania Builder

The RWC Family




Key Estates Certified Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a password to access RWC Warranty Express?

Contact our Enrollments Dept. for your password. Once you have the password, access RWC Warranty Express through this website. The link to login is located in the top right corner of each page.

How long does it take to get a password for RWC Warranty Express?

Passwords for current members will be issued instantly upon request. Passwords for new members take 24 hours for activation.

I’ve enrolled and paid for the builders warranty on Warranty Express. Now what?

Take the Application for Warranty to closing for the Homeowners to review and sign. A Builder representative must sign the form and mail or fax the form to us for processing to finalize coverage. If you did not pay for the warranty online, please send payment along with the completed form within ten (10) business days of closing.

I’m closing in a half hour and I forgot to enroll a home. Is it possible to get a warranty in time for closing?

Yes. As long as you have a password, you can enroll a home through RWC Warranty Express at any time.

The Innovative Leader

Residential Warranty Company, LLC is one of the nation’s oldest and largest providers of written insured new home warranties, providing homeowners with a strong foundation of security for their home. Understanding that just one warranty rarely meets everyone’s needs, RWC has created a “menu” of home warranties & services through a network of affiliated companies. The result is comprehensive coverage and effective risk management for the greatest long-term stability. Builder warranties issued by RWC are insured by Western Pacific Mutual Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group (WPMIC). WPMIC is rated “A- (Excellent)” by A.M. Best and has over $130 million in surplus equity as of Dec. 31, 2023. RWC’s goal is to provide a level of security to homeowners and Builders alike and has devoted three decades to that purpose across the country. Being able to provide a variety of services to our customers is the result of much hard work and due diligence along the way. Over the years, RWC has expanded and now offers an ever-increasing array of products and services to both homeowners and the home building industry. RWC has established itself as a rock-solid leader in providing new home warranty protection. The appeal of our program is that when you become part of one of the companies in the RWC “Family”, you benefit from 40+ years of leadership and experience that is unrivaled in the home warranty industry.

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