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RWC is a leading provider of written, insured warranties to builders & remodelers nationwide. Since 1981, RWC has issued over 4 million warranties and is considered an expert in the field of risk management. With over 40 years in this business, we have developed a wide range of products and services to meet various industry needs. In addition to new home warranties, Members can get business insurance & extended warranties through a name trusted in the industry.
Maintaining a level of success in this industry can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why we offer a wide array of warranty programs & services to assist you in maintaining or improving your customer service, define and limit your liability, & provide the warranty and insurance products your company needs.

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Your 1st Choice:

What Type of Structural Coverage Fits Your Business?

All RWC warranties provide structural coverage on load-bearing segments of the home, building or remodeling project.  But not all structural warranties are written exactly alike. RWC provides 2 main options for consideration and you have the ability to choose the format you think best fits your business needs.

Whether you choose to use a ‘definition’ approach or a ‘specific measurement’ approach for your structural warranty is entirely up to you. Options for Day One Structural Coverage by the Insurer are available under both approaches.

Major Structural Defect Coverage

The Major Structural Defect (MSD) variety of warranty is the “traditional” approach to coverage and is determined by industry recognized definitions for structural failures.

Designated Structural Element Coverage

The Designated Structural Element (DSE) variety of warranty is an innovative approach to coverage which uses specific measurements and tolerance limits to determine the structural coverage.

Your 2nd Choice:

Do You Need Structural Only Coverage or Full Coverage?

Builders may also choose between “full” coverage and “structural only” coverage. In either option, your liability as the Builder is limited.

Structural Only Coverage

“Structural Only Coverage” means you choose one of the two types of structural formats described above. Then structural coverage is provided for the entire warranty term.

  • You continue to use your own customer service program to address workmanship, materials & mechanical systems issues in the first two years.
  • You’ll pay less to enroll a home in a structural only plan.
  • You’ll have access to RWC’s effective dispute resolution system for structural issues, which includes free mediation. Binding arbitration is also available if needed.
  • Non-structural customer service issues must be resolved by your own customer service program.

Full Coverage

“Full Coverage” means that we couple Structural Coverage together with industry-accepted standards for 1st and 2nd year items (workmanship, materials, & selected portions of mechanical systems).

    • By far, “full” coverage builder warranties are our most widely used programs.
    • Clearly written set of warranty standards to spell out coverage are provided for you and your homebuyers.
    • Includes 1 year of coverage on workmanship & materials.
    • Includes up to 2 years of coverage on selected portions of mechanical systems (unless mandated otherwise by state statute).
    • Includes coverage on major structural components for the entire warranty term.  Options for Day One Structural Coverage provided by the Insurer are available.
    • You’ll have access to RWC’s effective dispute resolution system, even on 1st or 2nd year customer service issues, which can be a valuable tool in managing your service needs. This dispute resolution system includes free mediation. Binding arbitration is available if needed.


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Your 3rd Choice:

Looking for the Traditional Warranty or Would You Prefer a Warranty That’s a Little More Customized?

Does the ‘traditional’ 10 year warranty hold the most appeal for you or do you like the concept of a customized warranty based on your state’s statutes? RWC again allows you to make the call.

Traditional 10 Year Warranty Coverage

Historically, the standard 10 Year Major Structural Defect (MSD) warranty is what this industry has provided and is the coverage Builders have become accustomed to 40 years. Ten-year warranties have been an effective way to deal with a variety of issues including customer service, marketing, and mandated new home legislation.

  • 10 Year Warranty Term.
  • Pricing based on rate per thousand of final sales price.
  • Builder liability is limited to first 2 years.
  • Structural warranty coverage provided will be either MSD or DSE as selected by Builder.
  • Options for Day One Structural Coverage provided by the Insurer are also available.

Customized State Warranty Coverage

RWC has a more “customized” approach to warranties as well. Our Customized State Warranty (CSW) Program is the most unique and specialized warranty program in the industry. Each individual state warranty is crafted to meet that state’s statutes regarding new home warranties. For example, statutes in Indiana require that roof systems be warranted by the Builder for 4 years so the RWC Indiana Warranty includes that coverage. In Iowa, the statute of repose is 10 years, so in that state, the warranty term is 10 years.

Other unique features of our CSW Program include:

  • Warranty Term varies by State.
  • Pricing based on flat rates per home.
  • Day 1 Structural Coverage provided by RWC’s Insurer.
  • Workmanship, Materials and Mechanical Systems are covered for 1 year (unless otherwise mandated by state statute).
  • Coverage on Structural Components varies based on state statutes.
  • Individual state requirements for coverage are included if applicable.
  • Builder liability is limited to 1 year only (unless otherwise mandated by state statute).

RWC’s Menu of Choices in Warranty Products Available to RWC Members

RWC Account Executives are happy to help you review your choices to select the program that best fits your business.


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