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Key Estates offers a unique and comprehensive certified extended warranty program available for Real Estate Professionals.
We offer Appliances & Mechanical Systems Coverage, Major Structural Coverage, and certified inspections based on the coverage selected. Complete the simple form below to choose Key Estates and we will get a Welcome Package on its way to you!
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  • Real Estate Professional agrees to carry out the duties described in this Agreement including marketing, inspections, and administration of the Key Estates Certified Appliance, Mechanical Systems, and Structural Defect Warranty Program (“Program”). In exchange for these services, payment will be made to Real Estate Professional by Key Estates Warranty as described in this Agreement. Real Estate Professional will be paid an administrative fee for each application that is completed, presented, and accepted for enrollment in the Program by Key Estates Warranty. The Real Estate Professional is expected and agrees to provide the services as described below and Real Estate Professional understands that the information provided will be relied upon by Key Estates Warranty in the inspection process and for Program enrollment decisions: 1. Notify Key Estates Warranty of any known potential defects with any covered appliances, systems, and structural components in the home to be enrolled in the Program. 2. Present the Program options by describing features, benefits, and limitations of the Program, including coverage, pricing options, and claim reporting. 3. Perform visual review and photographic/video documentation of the covered systems, appliances, and structural components (based on the type of Program options requested for purchase) in compliance with Key Estates Warranty written procedures that will be provided to Real Estate Professional. 4. Complete the application with the homeowner including selection of options as requested and submit payment for enrollment to Key Estates Warranty. 5. Promote the Program in local prospecting and marketing materials, including displays, brochures, etc. as will be provided to Real Estate Professional. Real Estate Professional is, for all purposes arising under this Agreement, an independent contractor.
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