New Home Builder Warranties Warranties for New Homes and Remodeler Warranties

New Home Structural Warranties

Also known as Builder Warranties and sometimes even just 10 Year Warranties


Extended Warranties for Appliances & Systems

Also known in some areas as Service Contracts

What’s Covered?

New Home Warranties

New Home Structural Warranties always provide warranty coverage on the structural or load-bearing components of the home for a specified period of time (usually either 10 years or a set number of years that correspond to a state’s statute of repose law).

With RWC, 2 types of structural warranty coverage are available:

Additionally, coverage may be provided under some plans for:

  • Defects in Workmanship & Materials for a specified period of time (usually 1 year).
  • Defects in portions of the home’s Mechanical Systems for a specified period of time (usually 1 or 2 years).


Generally speaking, the types of things covered under a New Home Structural Warranty are not covered and may be excluded under an Extended Warranty for Appliances & Systems and vice versa.

The typical New Home Structural Warranty DOES provide structural coverage for a foundation but EXCLUDES appliances like refrigerators.

The typical Extended Warranty for Appliances & Systems DOES cover certain working parts of a refrigerator but EXCLUDES load-bearing components of the home like foundation systems.*

Extended Warranties

Extended Appliance & Systems Warranties provide coverage on the working parts of many household appliances as well as parts of the various mechanical systems for a specific period of time, usually one year.

Appliances: Extended warranties provide coverage for specific covered components in various household appliances including items such as refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and water heaters.

Systems: Extended warranties provide coverage for specific covered mechanical components in various mechanical systems like the AC unit, a central heating system or wiring or circuit breakers in an electrical system.

Structural Coverage for load-bearing components: Generally not available in most plans, however this option is available through Key Estates on preowned homes. Under Key Estates, true major structural defect coverage is available for either one or two year terms. Homes under 1 million do not qualify. Not available in Colorado or Texas.

Who’s Responsible?

New Home Warranties

Under a New Home Structural warranty, the entity responsible for repairs depends on the type of warranty and the time when the defect occurs.

  • If a warranted defect occurs in the 1st or 2nd year (depending on the warranty option selected by your builder), the responsibility for the repair is the builders. If the builder cannot take care of the problem for some reason, then the Insurer of the warranty is obligated to do so.
  • If a warranted defect occurs, the Warrantor (Builder or Insurer) of the warranty will have a responsibility to make repairs.
Extended Warranties

Under an Extended Warranty for Appliances & Systems, the entity responsible for repairs is the issuer of the warranty itself.

  • Most companies* require the homeowner to use service repair providers that either work for the issuing company or that are contracted by the issuing company to go on service calls.


*The exception to this procedure is the Key Estates warranty which allows homeowners to select their own service repair provider.


New Home Warranties

New Home Structural warranties are often insured. RWC’s insurer is a company that has been rated “A- (Excellent)” by A.M. Best since 2001; our Insurer currently maintains a surplus equity position in excess of over $130 million (as of Dec. 31, 2023).

Extended Warranties

Extended Warranties for Appliance & Systems are most often uninsured products relying solely on the strength of the issuing company.

*The exception to this insurance backing is the Key Estates warranty which is insured by a company rated “A- (Excellent)” by A.M. Best.

Claims Procedure

New Home Warranties

RWC’s New Home Structural Warranties all come with a specific procedure for resolving disputes. This procedure includes FREE mediation. If mediation doesn’t resolve the issue, binding arbitration is available which adheres to Federal Arbitration laws. Arbitrators are neutral third parties with experience in arbitrating residential construction matters.

Extended Warranties

Most extended warranties are issued strictly from the issuing warranty company. In other words, you have to work it out with them directly with no recourse for arbitration if an impasse is reached.***

***The exception to this procedure is the Key Estates warranty. Under Key Estates, if there is a controversy regarding coverage, formal binding arbitration with a mutually agreed upon arbitrator is available and will be conducted in accordance with Federal Arbitration laws.

Screening Process

New Home Warranties

Many new home structural warranty companies have some kind of screening process for members. RWC screens applicants thoroughly for initial approval and then rescreens them on an annual basis. Minimum acceptable criteria must be met for financial stability, quality construction and ethical business practices.

Extended Warranties


Home Enrollment

New Home Warranties

Homes must be enrolled through a Member in the warranty program. Homeowners may not buy a new home structural warranty directly from the warranty company.

Extended Warranties

Homes may be enrolled either by your builder,  a real estate agent, or your mortgage lender as part of a real estate transaction. If you are interested in extended warranty coverage on your appliances & systems, have your builder or Real Estate Pro contact Key Estates at 

Warranty Term

New Home Warranties

The standard new home structural warranty term in the industry is ten years. RWC however offers a variety of other structural warranties with varying terms ranging from 4 years to 15 years depending on the state. Once the home is enrolled, it is covered for the entire warranty term. No renewal fees apply.

Extended Warranties

Extended warranties for Appliances & Systems are generally issued on a one year, renewable basis. Some plans may be purchased for 2 year initial terms. Renewal fees apply at the end of each warranty period for coverage to continue. Coverage may or may not be renewed at the discretion of the issuing company.

Eligible Home Type

New Home Warranties

Generally speaking, only newly constructed, unoccupied homes are eligible for coverage under New Home Structural Warranty plans. Home types can include new single family detached, townhomes, duplexes and condominiums. Older, existing homes tend to be ineligible for this type of coverage. Warranty options may exist on a company by company basis for remodeling projects, detached garages, commercial projects, etc.

Extended Warranties

Generally speaking, any existing home or any home involved in a real estate transaction may be eligible for coverage.

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