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Why Should Real Estate Professionals Care About New Home Warranties?

Distinguishing Feature

As a Real Estate Professional, you know the market for new home construction sales is both competitive and complicated. Not only are builders competing against each other for sales but also against the resale and foreclosure markets. A warranty is a distinguishing feature that makes a new home even more attractive to potential buyers.

Reduced Liability

Real Estate Professionals benefit directly from the warranty with reduced liability in the event a defect does occur. The warranty insures that either the builder or the warranty company will rectify warranted defects.

Buyer’s Peace of Mind

Written, insured warranties provide recourse for repairs for your buyers. If the Builder is unable or unwilling to correct warranted defects, the Warranty Insurer steps in. Without a warranty, in these uncertain times, a homeowner might be forced to “go it alone” in a time when the average major structural defect exceeds $35,000.

Qualified Members

Warranty Members have passed stringent screening criteria for professional building ethics, financial stability, and technical competence. Real Estate Professionals are better assured that the home carries no “hidden” complications like tax or supplier liens, etc.


Warranties are transferable making the home much more marketable upon resale, potentially providing you with a return client.

“RWC provides excellent protection for our new homes giving our customers peace of mind.”

Darlene P., Pennsylvania Builder

Program Diversity

It doesn’t matter what type of sale a Real Estate Professional pursues. RWC has a warranty to fit the need.

*Not all programs are available in all states. Contact RWC with questions regarding availability.

Enhances Value

Of course the true bottom line is that, for all the reasons stated above, a new home warranty enhances the home’s value, ultimately increasing the probability of a sale in a competitive and complicated market. In this economy… that’s a benefit worth pursuing.


FREE Marketing Materials

An RWC warranty is an excellent sales tool should you list or sell a home with a warranty in place. Knowing a third party insured warranty is available provides an extra level of peace of mind to any buyer. If the home is resold during the warranty term, the balance of the warranty will transfer automatically to the next owner for the remainder of the warranty term.


Dispute Resolution

Every RWC warranty comes with a tried and true dispute resolution process. Even with a written warranty, Builders and Homeowners may not always see eye to eye. Fortunately for both parties, the RWC Limited Warranty includes FREE mediation to resolve disputes quickly and inexpensively and even a formal binding arbitration process if needed. Having this process in place reduces the likelihood of you, the real estate professional, being involved in customer service issues after closing.

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