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RWC Offers a Wide Selection of FREE Marketing Materials to Members!

When you build a house and use better materials than your competition does, you know that’s a marketing advantage that you can discuss with your prospective buyers. Unless your buyer has really researched building materials, they may not know the difference between one grade of carpet and another. They may not understand “R values” or why one set of cabinets is better than another. The only way they understand the “value added” of upgraded materials is IF YOU TELL THEM. You train your salespeople on how to educate your prospects so that they are aware of everything you do or offer that’s “above standard” because you want them to pick you as their builder instead of that “other guy”.

The same holds true with your builder’s home warranty program! When you use an RWC warranty, you’re using a better product than anyone else out there, especially all those builders who self-insure. So, you have to tell your buyers about it before they will understand what the value is to a homeowner. And we are pretty certain that the average homeowner today will be impressed with the level of concern you demonstrate by adding this program to your homes.

Obviously Well-Built Homes Often Sell Themselves. But… Showing Prospective Buyers Exactly What the Differences Are In Your Homes Certainly Can’t Hurt!

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RWC offers a wide selection of FREE Marketing Materials.

First: Browse our assortment of warranty books, consumer information, displays and signage to determine what you need.

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