New Home Builder Warranties Warranties for New Homes and Remodeler Warranties
  • This is an Administration Only option. RWC provides assistance in determining coverage and resolving disputes and the builder is the one backing the coverage.
  • Utilizes expanded warranty standards to spell out the Builder’s coverage.
  • 1 Year Standards Provided for Workmanship and Materials.
  • 2 Year Standards Provided for Select Portions of Mechanical Systems.
  • 10 Year Standards Provided for Load-Bearing Structural Components.
  • Effective dispute resolution system includes free mediation and binding arbitration if needed.
  • Builder retains ultimate control and responsibility for warranty coverage decisions and repairs.
  • RWC’s Administration Only Option is currently available to builders that build 50 or more homes annually.
  • There is no insurance backing provided by RWC for this particular product. If you are interested in an insured warranty, please check Other Warranty Options for our other product lines.

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