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construction workers on a background of a frame houseFall, 2017: Coming Together

We live in a world that experiences natural disasters seemingly every day of the year. Here in the good old USA we are not immune to these phenomena and experience them regularly. From fires to floods to hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, Mother Nature wreaks havoc on our lives destroying homes, businesses, infrastructure and entire communities. In 2016 the world’s disasters caused approx. $175 billion dollars in damages. According to reinsurer, Munich Re, in the first half of 2017 the U. S. was bombarded by the 2nd highest number of weather, climate and flood disasters since they’ve been keeping records. And the numbers continue to grow. As this article is being written, Texas is reeling from the devastating effects of hurricane Harvey and a new storm, hurricane Irma, is bearing down on the Caribbean and posing a very real threat to Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and southern Florida. Simultaneously, wildfires are ravaging the west coast.

While these catastrophic events are for the most part unpredictable and unstoppable, they all seem to generate a response that is both reassuring and heart-warming. It seems that despite our individual circumstances, politics, gender, color, nationality or religion, we all come together for the common good to help our neighbors in need. Relief workers, firemen, policemen, military personnel, businesses and men and women from all backgrounds and occupations pitch in to help wherever help is needed. While the aftermath and clean-up often seem overwhelming, if not impossible at first, ordinary people working hand-in-hand come together and get the job done. Eventually, once the clean-up is accomplished, the rebuilding commences. Contractors and tradesmen are called upon and come together to do what they do best…repairing, reconstructing and restoring.

We here at RWC salute you, our members, for what you have done, are doing and will continue to do to help your neighbors return to their homes and regain stability in their lives. The comfort, peace, and security our homes provide cannot be over-estimated. And, while you can’t promise your customers that they will never experience another natural disaster, by simply placing an RWC warranty on your work product you can assure them that you have done your best to make their house a home once again.

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