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Answers to questions on structural warranties we hear most often from homeowners are listed for your convenience.
I have questions about my paperwork or need duplicate copies. How do I contact you?

Did you close on your home PRIOR TO NOVEMBER 1ST, 2014? Contact our Enrollments Dept. to verify coverage or request duplicate copies of your warranty book, validation sticker or application for warranty. Call us at 717-561-4480 or complete our Enrollment Information Request form online. Please note that there is a charge associated with duplicate warranty books which varies based upon the format requested (paper copy or PDF).


Are you the original homeowner and did you close on your home AFTER NOVEMBER 1ST, 2014? Your warranty documents will be available online 60 DAYS AFTER YOUR CLOSING. For example, if your closing was November 1st, your warranty documents will become available online after January 1st. If 60 days have passed since your closing, then click here to confirm your warranty coverage online. If you are unsuccessful at obtaining the documents online after the 60 days, contact us for assistance at 717-561-4480 or complete our Enrollment Information Request form online.

The Application for Enrollment form that I received at closing has incorrect information (address, telephone number, name, etc). How do I get this information corrected?

Contact us with the correct information.

Is the home warranty transferable?

Yes.  The Limited Warranty automatically transfers to subsequent buyers throughout the warranty term. There are no fees to pay or forms to complete.  Please note that in the case of a foreclosure, the warranty may be voided.

What exactly is covered under my warranty?

We have over 75 different warranty options. So the answer to this question depends on which warranty was issued for your home.  Coverage varies depending on the program selected by your Builder and the state in which your home is located. Refer to the warranty book you received at closing for exact coverage and warranty terms.

How do I Submit a Warranty Claim?

The specific procedures to address a potential defect in your home are spelled out in your warranty book. The warranty company will need to receive written documentation from you as outlined in the Requesting Warranty Performance section of the warranty book that pertains to your home. Notice can be sent by mail to the Administrator’s address or by email to For convenience, you may also use our online form. We do not accept telephone or fax requests at this time. You will need to provide:

  • Validation Number and Effective Date of Warranty;
  • Your Builder’s name and address;
  • Your name, address, email address and telephone number (including home, cell and work numbers);
  • A reasonably specific description of the Defect(s), (including the date on which the Defect was discovered);
  • A copy of any written notice to your Builder;
  • Photographs, if they would be helpful in describing the Defect; and
  • A copy of each and every report you have obtained from any inspector or engineer.
What is Involved in Resolving a Claim or Issue with the Home?

Mediation.  We know that, in the majority of cases, the root of many disputes is the lack of communication between a Builder and a Homeowner. Sometimes, all it takes to get an issue resolved is someone to take on the role of mediator and assist the others in coming to a fair and reasonable agreement, based on the warranty standards provided. Prior to heading to formal arbitration or costly litigation, RWC does its best to mediate disputes between Members and Homeowners. Mediation is an informal process involving the Builder, the Homeowner and the Warranty Company during the Builder’s term of responsibility. There is no charge to either side to this initial process.

Arbitration.  If resolution is not reached during mediation, the next step is arbitration, a formal process conducted by an independent, neutral arbitrator to resolve disputes.  We use arbitrators experienced in arbitrating residential construction matters. Unless prohibited by law, the decision of the arbitrator under our programs is binding on all parties, including both you and your Builder.  There is a fee for the arbitration which is paid according to the terms spelled out in your warranty document.

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