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Contemplating That Big Pile of Lemons

Fall is finally here. During autumn we would prefer to think about how nice the changing leaves on the trees look, about the big football game this Saturday, or about spending festive holidays with family and friends. But this year […]

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RWC’s 2020 Membership Drive is a Smashing Success!

RWC and its affiliates regularly conduct an annual membership drive in conjunction with a sales contest and this year was no different. What was different about this year? The environment and the results! Originally scheduled for the spring, our annual […]

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Lean In

If there is one thing that seasoned professionals in our industry can agree upon, it is that we are resilient when it comes to surviving hard times. Be it builder, mortgage lender, or real estate broker, if you have been [...]

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Builders Risk – What’s in a Name?

I don’t want to insult anyone’s intelligence, but there’s a misunderstanding that has come up more than once, and we need to make things clear:  Builders Risk does not insure your liability to members of the public.  Clear as mud, [...]

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Building Systems Council Announce 2020 Chair

Tifanee McCall is a longtime member of the Building Systems Councils (BSC) and a major advocate of the systems-built housing industry. She has been a member of NAHB for nearly 30 years and BSC member for over a decade. It [...]

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Sales Team Achievement Awards

While in Las Vegas for the International Builders Show earlier this year, the RWC/ HOME / MHWC 2019 Sales Achievement Awards were announced. While the majority of these awards are all based on “countable” results, our Top Award, Outstanding Account [...]

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Duty and Resilience

A year ago, few of us who are not health professionals had thought much about pandemics, and none of us had heard of or even contemplated anything called Covid-19. Now people in every corner of the world have been adversely [...]

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What Exactly Are Builder Warranties & Why Are They Important?

Home builder warranties are essential because they outline what contractors are and are not responsible for when it comes to repairs or replacements.  It may sound like these official documents are for homeowners’ protection only, but builder warranties work for […]

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8 Construction Technology Trends to Watch for in 2020

Would it surprise you to learn that construction technology was not an active tech market until recently? Studies still point to construction as one of the least digitized sectors. The construction industry accounts for about 13 percent of the global […]

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Spring 2019 – Texas Times

Stay up-to-date with the Spring 2019 edition of the Texas Times! (Click image below to download newsletter)   (click image above to download PDF)

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Key Estates Warranty for Resale Homes Available Nationwide

Key Estates Warranty is a new affiliate of Residential Warranty Company, LLC,  HOME of Texas and MHWC is now offering extended warranties for homes involved in real estate transactions across the country. Offered exclusively through a network of approved Real […]

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Building Systems Council Presents Specialty Awards

The Building Systems Council (BSC) Specialty Awards recognize one BSC builder, manufacturer, associate, and young professional for their contributions to the council, NAHB and the housing industry along with their involvement with civic or charitable organizations. Award winners demonstrate excellent […]

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RWC’s Customized State Program is Unique to the Industry

Warranties come in all shapes and sizes and if you are looking for something besides the “traditional” new home warranty, RWC’s Customized State Warranty (CSW)* is the answer! This warranty is the most unique and specialized new home warranty program […]

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