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We believe that growth is best achieved by maintaining a satisfied base of Members year to year. Instead of racing to replace members who leave because of some dissatisfaction, we can instead focus on adding new reputable members and growing steadily. Read on for reviews and testimonials on our track record so far.

Satisfied Builder Members


When we evaluate companies that are going to be interacting with the most important people in our business, our Valued Homeowner, we make best efforts to hire only those that share our Core Values.

The following are a few of the Core Values that were adopted by Advantage Homes, LLC.

– We are Honest, Ethical & Professional
– We are Reliant, Diligent and Responsive
– We Strive for Excellence
– We Encourage Open and Honest Communication
– We Work as a Team to Accomplish Our Mission

Advantage Homes, LLC. has built & settled well over 1,000 new homes in the Washington DC Region. RWC was our clear choice to provide a Limited Warranty to our Valued Homeowners. One may ask why RWC? That answer is quite simple in that they share our Core Values and have a proven product that is known for excellence. In addition to having a great product, they employ only the best talent available in our marketplace.

If you are seeking to engage the services of a Limited Warranty Company that has a proven product with a trained, professional staff, I can highly recommend RWC. They have demonstrated that they share our Core Values and are passionate about serving the most important people in our business, our Valued Homeowner.

Richard W. Centra, President
Advantage Homes, LLC.

The RWC 10 year structural warranty has given Allen Edwin Homes a strong marketing advantage over used homes and other new homes. Registering each home we complete for the 10 year warranty is easy. While we have never experienced a claim, our customers value the peace of mind of knowing they are protected.”

Trent H.,
Allen Edwin Homes, MI

The staff at RWC has at all times offered professional service to Bastian Homes and all Bastian Homes customers. From the very beginning of our business, we at Bastian Homes chose RWC exclusively and are proud to partner with RWC and have Bastian Homes listed among the elite group of builders who have earned the right to offer the RWC Limited Warranty. The RWC Limited Warranty provides excellent protection for all of our new homes giving our customers peace of mind concerning the workmanship, materials and structural elements of a Bastian Homes custom home.

Darlene P.,
Bastian Homes, PA

As a builder for nearly 25 years, few things give peace of mind besides doing a good job to begin with, and having an RWC Homeowner’s 10 year Warranty to back it up. Let’s face it, a building contract isn’t a sales agreement, it’s a marriage proposal! Each homeowner expects a certain amount of guarantee that the builder will be held to a higher standard, and that there is someone on their side should expectations of craftsmanship diverge between builder and homeowner. These Warranty products provide that security with a quality standard, the tools to measure the standard and the final determination of validity for a defect complaint. Therein lays the peace of mind for the Builder as well, knowing that a job well done, will be judged according to an accepted standard of craftsmanship, and that emotion is replaced by sound and reasonable judgment from a neutral party. I can’t imagine entering into contract with anyone without this valuable tool.

Pennsylvania Builder

The secret to success for us has been the Owner’s ability to adjust to the market. Great floor plans designed by the Owner himself and a commitment to building a quality product are two indispensable tools helping the company through the current economy. Another tool of choice is the RWC warranty program. They have always stressed the advantages of the RWC warranty program. Their sales staff has been presenting the RWC warranty from the beginning and they make sure the homeowner understands the coverage and also acknowledges receipt of the booklet at the signing of the contract. The bottom line is “You just have to be there” for the homeowners.

Alice B.,
Georgia Builder

When looking for a warranty for our clients, RWC provided more than better pricing; our Account Executive provided exceptional product and service. We have long provided great customer service, yet RWC showed us how to do that better. We always ask ourselves, “How can we do this better?” RWC helped us do this and we, and our clients, benefit from them.

John H.,
Pennsylvania Builder

To Whom It May Concern,

With the type of business that we both are in, I know that one of our main concerns is the prompt and knowledgeable Customer Service that we provide our customers. In this Customer Service field it is so quick for customers to fire back a “complaint” on things and it’s so slow for the “Thanks” to reach us. With saying that, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know about the prompt and knowledgeable customer service that Dawn Knull provides to RAH each and every time she is contacted with any questions. Everyone at RWC has shown excellent customer service, however Dawn is my primary contact that I deal with and I would just like to take a minute to say thanks to Dawn for making my interaction with RWC a pleasurable experience each and every time over these past years.


Dear RWC,

Thanks so much for the streamlined renewal process. I had actually considered not renewing the warranty because of the seemingly endless renewal process.

RWC Member

I just opened the new box of books and they are so colorful and pretty now, thanks.

Maryland Builder

Your company is the greatest! …Every time I call there, each person I speak to is very helpful. It is a good team.

Pennsylvania Builder

We compared the other extended warranties out there and none of them gave us the coverage for the economical price that we get from AmeriGuard.

Joan M,
New Jersey Realtor

This is just a quick note to thank you personally for being such an efficient company. It is easy to enroll our homes through your website and your follow up with our clients is quick and effortless. Your level of service and responsiveness cannot be beat. We could not ask for a better warranty company than RWC and we value our working relationship with you.

Indiana Builder

The new RWC website is ‘very easy on the eyes’ and very inviting to read. I love the color coding and pictures of customers with smiles, and also the pictures of housing. Very nicely done!’

Georgia Builder

Everyone at RWC has shown excellent customer service. Thank you for making my interaction with RWC a pleasurable experience over these past years.

Satisfied Builder in Oklahoma

I really enjoyed your company. (RWC’s) Customer service was very competent, and I’m very happy with the Insurance Division. Nothing like the other guys.

Satisfied Builder in Washington

Thank you, Jody, for all of your help in this complete endeavor. It is very refreshing to deal with true professionals.


Your website and the ability to chat with you over the phone could not be any easier! Thanks for your help!

Satisfied Homeowners

Dear Ann,

Let me tell you that I was quite surprised to have your answer so quickly. Thanks for your information. I have confidence that you will steer me in the right direction (and in this day and age that statement is not always so). Your efficiency and knowledge caused me to write to you again. Thanks ever so much for all your help and please forward this e-mail to your supervisor because I want your supervisor to know that they are lucky to have you on their team!

Dear George S.,

You were very professional and courteous at the home inspection and although you were not able to answer all the questions regarding the warranty, you did answer what you were able to on a very professional level. I have not had very good experiences with this sort of thing in the past and am very appreciative of your expertise and kindness.

Ms. Harrell,

Mr. Steve Bache completed a home inspection at my residence yesterday as scheduled. He was prompt, courteous, and thorough. I appreciate your help in getting this stage of determining the extent of damage to my home.

Hello Don,

I just wanted to take the time to tell you about the wonderful experience I encountered working with Susan Sweger this morning. She was very pleasant and knowledgeable about your services. I requested some information in regards to a case that my husband and I opened July of 2011. Susan told me she would have the documents ready for me by Monday at the latest. She actually sent them to me about 15 minutes after we spoke, which we truly appreciated since we are selling our home and needed the information quickly. In my opinion customer service is at an all-time low at most companies, but not at RWC with a gem like Susan. She is a great asset to your organization.

Your RWC Inspector completed a home inspection at my residence yesterday as scheduled. He was prompt, courteous, and thorough. I appreciate your help in getting this stage of determining the extent of damage to my home.


I just wanted to write to you regarding Susan Sweger. She has a great combination of good business sense, good people sense, and efficiency. This is very rare and you are lucky to have her and we are blessed that she is helping us with our claim. She deserves a raise! Thanks so much for having such a talented, caring employee.


Both my husband and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for not only your professionalism but the courteous and expeditious manner in which you handled our home foundation issues.

We thought that by purchasing a new build we would be able to alleviate all of the problems that come with acquiring an older home that had multiple owners. We were wrong. From the very beginning there were/are countless issues with this property and as you can imagine our frustration levels were running high.
I can’t begin to tell you how not only your knowledge of your business but your people skills have put us at ease. In addition, you have been able to recommend reputable and quality resources.

As unpleasant as the circumstances are, we are grateful to have been able to do business and come in contact with someone such as yourself. It is a breath of fresh air for us and I am sure countless others that have dealt with you. Thank you again.

Good Morning Ms. Kooiman,

Thank you for all of your help with my warranty claim. You were always prompt with email replies, and you answered the phone every time I called.

The additional money for plumbing repairs was unexpected and very generous. The house was lifted on Wednesday, and our pipes did indeed break. The plumbers are at my house today doing the diagnostics. They have already found major breaks in two separate places, so we will definitely be utilizing those additional funds.

This had been an incredibly stressful ordeal, but your diligence with my case ultimately eased the financial burden of the foundation repairs. My husband and I are so incredibly grateful – thank you again for facilitating the claims process for us.

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