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Educate Your Homebuyers

Today’s home buyers are tech-savvy shoppers who routinely turn to the internet when searching for new homes. As a successful builder, you understand the vital importance of maintaining a solid presence on the internet so potential buyers can find you, learn about what you offer, and discover what makes you better than “the other guys”.

A young couple looking at a laptop researching new home warranties and construction builders.RWC has an entire section of our website dedicated to educating the homebuyer on everything from how to choose a home builder to understanding what a new home warranty is all about. The following resources can help explain the value of your decision to provide an RWC warranty on your home:

  • The Value of an RWC Warranty to Your Home Buyer
  • What Your RWC Membership Means to Your Buyer
  • Top 10 Reasons Buyers Should Look for RWC When Buying a New Home
  • Tips on Choosing a Builder (of course being an RWC Member factors in there)
  • What’s the Difference Between a Structural Warranty and an Appliance Warranty
  • Testimonials from Satisfied Homeowners
  • Important Warranty Terms to Know and Understand

Something ‘extra’ you provide which sets you apart from the competition is the fact you offer a 3rd party insured warranty – and not just any warranty – but the RWC warranty. The sales process is complex with a variety of topics to discuss with potential home buyers. Our goal is to make the warranty explanation easier for you by expanding our online resources for your homebuyers. Hopefully, this section will become your “go to” resource for warranty information for your staff and your buyers.

Obviously, it makes perfect sense to provide your buyers with information about your warranty. Simply link your site to the RWC Homeowner section to point them in the right direction and we’ll tell the story for you! We suggest linking to as your starting point. Your buyers will learn about the extra mile you travel to demonstrate your professionalism and customer service by providing them with this written RWC warranty.

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