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What Does Your Buyer Get?

  • ECONOMICAL & FLEXIBLE PLANS: Your Buyer receives a program that covers more major appliances as “Standard” than most other companies. They won’t pay a penny extra to include their primary washer, dryer, refrigerator, or HVAC system.
  • STRUCTURAL COVERAGE: Your Buyer can opt to select coverage to include the major structural (load-bearing) components of their home.
  • CONTROL OVER SERVICE: Your Buyer controls the decision on choosing a repair provider. They won’t have to settle for a repair provider chosen by the warranty company but can select someone they trust to do the job.
  • ASSURANCE: Your Buyer gets peace of mind, knowing that if they disagree with our decision on a claim, our warranties include an independent arbitration provision that follows Federal regulations. So, if the homeowner thinks we are being unreasonable, Key Estates gives THEM the ability to get another opinion.
  • TRUST & EXPERIENCE: Your Buyer receives a warranty insured by an independent insurance company. Key Estates’ insurer has been rated “A- (Excellent)” by A.M. Best continuously since 2001.

What’s covered as “standard”? A lot!

  • Air Conditioning System – Includes thermostats, motors, switches, etc.
  • Ductwork
  • Electrical System – Includes circuit breakers, outlets, switches, burglar alarm, fire and smoke detectors, doorbells, exhaust, ceiling and attic fans, attached light fixtures, etc.
  • Heating System – Includes central heating system, thermostats, etc.
  • Plumbing System – Includes toilets, permanent sump pumps, water softeners, whirlpools, line stoppages, etc.
  • All the Major Primary Appliances – Includes Central Vacuum, Dishwasher, Garage Door Opener, Garbage Disposal, Microwave, Range/Oven/Cooktop, Range Exhaust Unit, Refrigerator, Trash Compactor, Washer and Dryer, & Water Heater.
  • Optional coverage includes – Secondary systems or appliances, food spoilage, emergency living expense, lost keys, stand-alone freezers, pools, roof leak repair, spas, septic systems, well pump systems, and of course our Key Estates structural components coverage.

What’s Covered and How Much Does It Cost?

Appliances & SystemsMechanical Systems: Cooling, Ductwork, Electrical, Heating, & Plumbing Systems. Major Applicances: Central Vacuum, Dishwasher, Garage Door Opener, Garbage Disposal, Microwave, Range/Oven/Cooktop, Refrigerator, Trash Compactor, Washer & Dryer, & Water Heater.
Cost$425 for 1 Year or $765 for 2 Years
Term Options1 or 2 year terms
Service Fees$85 per trade call ($250 for roof leak repairs and major structural defect repairs)
Call Key Estates for a complete list of coverage & exclusions.
Optional Add-On CoverageFreezer, Ice Maker, Pool and/or Spa, Roof Leak Repair, Septic System, Well Pump System, Additional HVAC, Water Heater or Boiler, Guardian Package (Includes Food Spoilage, Lost Key Benefit, & Emergency Living Expense)
CostCall Key Estates for the price list for optional components.
Term Options1 or 2 year terms - must match primary Appliance & Mechanical Systems Coverage
Service Fees$85 per trade call ($250 for roof leak repairs and major structural defect repairs)
Major Structural Components Coverage*Roof framing members (rafters and trusses), Floor framing members (joists and trusses), Bearing walls, Columns, Lintels (other than lintels supporting veneers), Girders, Load-bearing beams, Foundation systems and footings. The Structural Inspection option MUST also be selected and paid for in order to get the Structural Coverage.
Cost$175 for 1 Year or $320 for 2 Years
Term Options1 or 2 year terms
Service Fees$250 for major structural defect repairs. The average cost to repair a structural defect in a home in this country exceeds $30,000. Key Estate’s Structural Coverage limits your out-of-pocket expenses to the minimal service fee.
Restrictions**Major structural coverage is not currently available in Colorado or in certain counties designated as active soils in Texas. Call for availability in Texas.
Structural InspectionStructural components of the home are independently inspected by a licensed professional Engineer with years of education and experience, to evaluate the home’s structural integrity.
CostPlease call for pricing. Cost varies based on age of the home and location.
AdministratorUSHP, LLC
Coverage Transferable During Warranty Term
Written Warranty Document
Binding Arbitration Available, If Needed

Want More Information?

Key Estates offers a unique and comprehensive certified extended warranty program available for Real Estate Professionals. We offer Appliances & Mechanical Systems Coverage, Major Structural Coverage and certified inspections based on coverage selected. Complete the simple form below to request additional information on Key Estates.

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