If you are new to RWC and have never reviewed our home warranty plans, especially our Customized State Warranty Program, now’s the time!

The Customized State Warranty (CSW) is the most unique and specialized home warranty program in the industry. Each customized warranty is specifically crafted in adherence to each state’s statutes regarding new home warranties.

As a home builder, there are several reasons for you to consider incorporating the Customized State Warranty into your risk management and marketing plan:

CSW Advantages:

  1. The CSW series complies with the statutes of repose in each state.
  2. Warranty fees are priced at affordable flat rates per home.
  3. No deposits are required.
  4. Home warranty terms meet state requirements.
  5. Liability is limited to year one items only, unless state statutes dictate otherwise.
  6. RWC’s Insurer provides structural liability coverage from day one.
  7. First-year workmanship and materials standards are included.
  8. No mechanical obligations for builders in year two, unless state statutes dictate otherwise.
  9. Covers any home with a sales price of less than $2 million (condominiums excluded).
  10. Easy home enrollment through Warranty Express.
  11. Easy to understand warranty standards in a dynamic booklet - an excellent marketing tool!
  12. FREE mediation to resolve customer service issues, if needed.
  13. FREE marketing materials.
  14. Warranty expertise. RWC has been in business for over 30 years and has issued warranties on over 3 million homes!
  15. High home warranty ratings! RWC’s Insurer has received a rating of "A- (Excellent)" by A.M. Best for over 10 consecutive years.

The last economic crisis hit many builders hard. Many were forced out of business. If you’re a home builder looking for a marketing edge, an independently written, insured third-party warranty goes a long way to ease buyers’ fears regarding potential economic obstacles. With a RWC home buyer protection plan in place, buyers know that their warranty will be there no matter what the future holds.

If you are already an RWC member, contact us to request sample home warranty books. We will deliver them to you as soon as possible!