Annual Sales Achievement Awards

RWC, HOME of Texas & MHWC are proud to announce our Annual Sales Achievement Awards for 2022. In spite of an economy that continues to give some pause for concern, our small but mighty sales force worked tirelessly to bring as many new builders into our warranty family as possible. Results for the year cracked the Top 5 standings of most new members added going back to before the Great Recession (or the last 14 years or so). We want to acknowledge their efforts and thank them for representing us well in the industry. As sales go, so too does the company. With this group, we are in good hands.

 Outstanding Account Executive(s) of the Year: We had a tie this year. Rich McPhee (MD, NJ, DE and NYC metro area and parts of northern VA) and Staci Cool (IN, IL, OH, MI, WI and MN) both claimed top dog status in a category that encompasses much more than “simply” sales. They are true professionals, and we rely on them for their team leadership, knowledge, and steadfast support.

 Most New Applications, Most Projected Homes, Most Big Builders (over 20 homes/year): Freddy Pesqueira (GA, FL, MS, TN, AL & KY) is a work horse, plain and simple. He is all over the southeastern corridor for us and his production shows. Because of his unmatched efforts, Freddy lays claim to several of our top awards for 2022.

 Average Size New Member: Fred Taylor made his mark this year bringing in the biggest builders he could find, and we love that. Career builders are the foundation of our business, so we applaud Fred’s efforts. He also worked very hard at keeping all his members happy and was rewarded with the Best Retention Rate award as well.

 Highest Approval Rate: Getting builders to apply can be a tall task sometimes. Making sure they get approved is yet another layer since we are quite selective when it comes to Membership qualification. Lydia Toscano led the charge in 2022 for getting the highest percentage of her applicants approved.

 Congratulations to the entire Sales Force for a job well done. We also applaud the support team of Jody Lehman, Dana Myers, Agnes Brennan and Jana Watts, a group that makes the Account Executive’s job manageable for sure.