Beautiful Custom House Drawing and Ghosted House Above GrassFall, 2016: The new fall television lineup is now airing and, leading the pack, is a myriad of reality TV shows. Gone are the days of the comedy duos like Lucy and Ricky and Mork & Mindy, sitcoms like All in the Family and Happy Days and variety shows like The Ed Sullivan Show and Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In. Today’s offerings include The Voice, The Amazing Race, Top Chef, Survivor and many, many more. Soon, we’ll all be sitting on the edge of our couch waiting to see who sings better, finishes the race, is a culinary genius or outwits, outplays and outlasts. For the most part, these shows pit ordinary people against one another using only their brains, talent, or physical prowess to one-up the other contestants.

The reality of the homebuilding industry is that while some regions of the country are still struggling with recovery, many areas are back to 2007 levels. Sales are being driven by population growth, lower inventories and the expanding economy. And, for the most part, home prices have been steadily climbing. According to Black Knight Financial Services, “June marked 50 consecutive months of annual national home price appreciation”. Additionally, mortgage interest rates remain close to record lows leading previously hesitant buyers to, once again, perceive home ownership as a smart investment.

The competition for these potential buyers is heating up and the time is now to use your skills to come out on top. In order to win the sale, the home you build has to be habitable, functional and esthetically pleasing. It has to stand out in a crowd and appeal to the masses. Most of all, it has to assure the investor that you build a quality home and stand behind your product. As an RWC member, the insured warranty that you offer with each and every home you build, provides that assurance. There’s no doubt that with RWC on your team, you’ll be able to one-up your competition every day of the week. Have a winning Fall and Winter.

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