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Finding your homeowner warrantyCongratulations on the purchase of your new Home!

This is probably one of the largest, most important investments you’ve ever made and we wish you many years of enjoyment. If you’ve chosen a home built by a Member Builder in the RWC Warranty Program, you may receive an RWC Limited New Home Warranty, assurance that your investment is well protected. To obtain a copy of the builder warranty issued for your home, there are a few ways to proceed.

First of all, when did you close on your home?

Did Your Home Close AFTER November 1st, 2014 and are you the Original Homeowner?

If you are the original homeowner and your home closed after November 1st, 2014, you may obtain your home warranty documents online. Your home warranty documents will be available online 60 DAYS AFTER CLOSING. So if you closed November 1st, 2014, then your documents became available after January 1st, 2015. Once the documents become available, click here to go to our confirmation page. (If you prefer to type the address in yourself, the link is PLEASE NOTE – do NOT include “www” as a prefix.) You will be asked a few short questions to verify your identity and then you will be able to view or download PDFs of your warranty documents. At any time during the warranty period for your home, you will have easy access to your documents online. You may print them or simply save them as PDFs on your home computer as desired.

If you tried the link but were unsuccessful at obtaining the documents, contact us for assistance at 717-561-4480, complete our Enrollment Information Request form online or email us at


Did Your Home Close BEFORE November 1st, 2014?

If your home closed before November 1st, 2014, you should have been given your home warranty documents at closing. If you did not get them or have misplaced your copy, contact us at 717-561-4480, complete our Enrollment Information Request form online for assistance or email us at Please note that there is a charge associated with duplicate warranty books which varies based upon the format requested (PDF or paper copy).

That’s all there is to it! Once you have your documents, take the time to read the warranty book. Familiarize yourself with the Warranty and its limitations. This is not a warranty service contract, but a written limited warranty with a specific warranty term which your Builder has elected to provide with your home. Contact your Builder regarding specific construction standards and how they apply to your home.

Again, congratulations and enjoy your new home!

Residential Warranty Company, LLC

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