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We Won't Spam Your Homebuyers

As a Member in our warranty program, you are probably familiar with our Warranty Express online enrollment system. You enroll the home online and, after closing occurs and payment/forms are sent to us for processing, your buyers are able to download their warranty documents from our website.

We use 60 days as the time frame after closing before documents are posted but often, those documents are available much sooner. Did you know if you provide your buyers' email address on the Application for Warranty form (#10 on the form - see example below), we will send them an email to notify them whenever their warranty documents are ready to download?

We know that everyone gets bombarded with emails and sometimes “system-generated” notices can look like spam. Let your buyers know that they will get the following notice from us.

Then that’s it. We don’t spam them or communicate with them further unless they reach out to us for assistance.

Once they have the email, they simply click the link provided to go directly to the login page so they can easily download their warranty book and warranty confirmation form. It’s simple and convenient.

But if they are suspicious or even just accidentally delete the email, no worries. They can call or email our Member Services Department for assistance. And even if they NEVER download these documents, as long as we have received the warranty form and payment after closing, their home is covered for the entire warranty term. Those documents will stay online for the duration of their warranty.

Warranty Express is chock full of features for you. In addition to enrolling homes, you can:

  • Print / reprint warranty documents for closing,
  • Pay warranty fees online – and save on shipping and handling charges,
  • Generate enrollment reports,
  • See your entire order history,
  • Order FREE marketing materials,
  • Upload documents securely and directly to us,
  • And even add affiliated memberships.

Have questions on this feature or on any feature in Warranty Express? Call us at 800-247-1812 and ask for the Member Services Department. We are happy to help!