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Are You Using All of Your Tools?

Builder members with Residential Warranty Company (RWC), HOME of Texas, and MHWC are an elite group. Your membership indicates that you are committed to adherence of strict quality guidelines and that your business is financially sound. But are your homeowners aware that you are also including coverage backed by one of the strongest insurers in the nation? Do they know if tragedy hits and businesses close, that they will still be covered?

Partnering with RWC & Affiliates was a big decision for you to make and your loyalty as a member is reciprocal. As a part of this relationship, our role includes reducing your liability, providing peace of mind for your clients, and helping you grow. With that in mind, we realize that sometimes tools in your toolbox can fall to the back of the drawer and unintentionally be forgotten.

Part of your benefit as a member includes access to numerous, full-color, high-quality, FREE marketing materials. These materials are available to you in a multitude of formats. For your online presence, we can provide web-ready graphics, email & social media compatible logos, proper wording to use, etc. – You name it! If you prefer more traditional, hands-on materials, you can select from numerous flyers, brochures, easel signs, and decals, all ready for your use. Our goal is to offer you pretty much anything you might want or need to help you stand out as a builder.

Recently, you may have seen a few emails from us containing samples of marketing materials. These emails included some of the newer, more updated, options that we offer. If you have missed any and would like to see what is available, there are a few ways we can connect:

1) Reach out to your Account Executive (AE) and ask for help!*
2) Search within your Warranty Express Access – Simply click on the button for Supplies.
3) Review options online here

*The primary advantage of contacting your AE is that they can match you with the best available materials. If you are unsure who your rep is, click here.

One thing we pride ourselves on is the quality of the marketing materials offered to you at no cost. Our goal is to not only help you become more successful but to also help you shine as a competitor in your industry. With all the home building choices available to a future homeowner, the difference can sometimes just boil down to a few small things. If your competition does not offer a warranty, that is an easy win. If they do, then, for example, you could offer them one of our flyers spotlighting our strength and tenure which may help push them in the right direction.

Overall, a quality marketing and advertising campaign is a make-or-break part of any strong business plan. It is a crucial part of conveying your message and appealing to your customers. By including our warranty with your homes, you are giving your buyers the gift of reassurance along with a quality home. We are here to help you get set up with the best marketing tools, tools designed to ensure your buyers fully understand that they are in good hands.

Get in touch today and let us get you set up for marketing success!