RWC Warranty

Update: Online Validation Process

The online validation process launched October 20th, 2014 by Residential Warranty Company, LLC (RWC) and HOME of Texas (HOME) is, by all accounts, a success! Billed as the next step in the home warranty companies’ modernization plan, the online home enrollment validation system streamlined the process to save time for home warranty members and their homebuyers.

Residential Warranty Company, LLC (RWC), a leading provider of insured home warranties to the building industry nationwide, and HOME of Texas, RWC’s Lone Star State affiliate, have been fairly busy lately enhancing the quality of their home warranty programs and the efficiency of their systems for members. This trend continued as RWC and HOME moved to an online process for home enrollment validation.

Previously, the process had buyers sign paperwork at closing. After RWC/HOME received the signed copy and warranty fee, a validation sticker on a postcard was sent via regular “snail mail.” Depending on how quickly RWC/HOME received the information back from the closing, how timely the enrollments were processed, and how quickly the mail was delivered, it could take several weeks before a validation sticker arrived in the buyer’s mailbox.

Now, homeowners can simply go online to confirm their home warranty coverage. For convenience, homeowners can either print their warranty documents or save these documents as PDFs on their computer. They no longer need to wait for any confirmation to arrive in the mail and are spared the hassle of having to request a duplicate if the original gets lost. Also, and probably best of all, homeowners will enjoy a much speedier confirmation of their new home warranty whenever they choose to login via Warranty Express to retrieve their documentation (warranty book, closing document with info including validation number, effective date of warranty, term of coverage, and any applicable addenda). What’s more, they are able to view the warranty book online that was issued for their home in the future.

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