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For 40 years, RWC has delivered the quality and dependability you deserve in new home warranties. You can count on our expertise. If you're ready to leverage the power of our written, insured warranty for your business, your next step is to apply for membership.
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Follow these simple steps to become a member of RWC:

  1. Application: Complete our application online. Create your account and then follow the prompts to submit your application.
  2. Agreements: You'll be prompted to sign our Membership Agreement within your online application. We encourage you to download a PDF for future reference. If you would like to read it ahead of time - it is available in our Form Library (#2500 or #2500NJ for New Jersey Builders).
  3. Registation Fee: Annual registration fee of $295 - payable online.
  4. Financial Information: An underwriter from Member Services will notify you if any additional information is required.
  5. Homes in Inventory: Once your membership approval is in place, you will have access to our Warranty Express online enrollment system. Simply login to enroll homes that are in your inventory. Please note that RWC will not accept homes that are either currently occupied or already closed.
    If you have a home that you need enroll and it is over $2 Million in Final Sales Price, complete & upload the Two Million Dollar Inventory Form Form #302E or Form #302ENJ for NJ Builders). Additional homes to be included may not be added after the membership is approved.

    1. If purchasing insurance through the RWC Insurance Advantage (RIA) Program, please note that all homes must be warranted.
    2. Homes over $2 million in sales price must also be inspected. Include the inspection fee of $300.
  6. Condominiums: Additional technical information is required for condominiums. Contact us for more details.
  7. Incentive Program: If your company is eligible for the Incentive Program & you wish to join, fill out, print and sign the Incentive Agreement. Include the program participation fee. (Form #2501 - Form #201NJ for New Jersey Builders)

Instructions to join HOME of Texas or MHWC can be found on their respective websites.

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