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RWC’s Top 10 Reasons To Consider Builder Warranty Program Membership

Looking for a professional & customer service oriented builder warranty program to enhance your reputation, marketing and risk management?

Check out the Top 10 Reasons to look no further than the RWC Family of Companies!

1. Limited Liability

  • Member’s liability is limited in time and coverage as opposed to the state’s longer statute of repose liability exposure.
  • Clearly written set of new home warranty standards to identify coverage, limitations & exclusions.
  • Standards based on accepted industry guidelines to create reasonable 3rd party basis for evaluation.

2. Widely Recognized New Home Feature

  • Homebuyers want assurance that their home will be built by a quality, professional builder.
  • RWC new home builder warranties set Members apart from the crowd and provide a sense of security to potential buyers.
  • Warranties are an essential ingredient in any new home purchase.

3. Menu of Choices

4. Competitive Rates

  • Competitive Rates keep builder home warranties an “affordable” option to include for your buyers.
  • Exclusive Incentive Program pays cash distributions to qualifying members.
  • Multiple-state members pay only 1 membership fee.

5. Government Approved Financing

6. Customer Service

  • Unsurpassed service and excellent handling of warranty issues.
  • Neutral & effective 3rd party dispute resolution system includes FREE mediation.
  • Approximately 95% of warranty dispute issues are resolved through RWC’s FREE Mediation procedures.
  • If needed, formal binding arbitration is available.
  • FREE Warranty Training Seminars.

7. Marketing

8. Experienced Warranty Provider

  • In business for 30+ years, RWC has administered warranties on over 3 million homes.
  • RWC’s Insurer has been rated “A-(Excellent)” by A.M. Best for over 12 consecutive years and has over $100 million in surplus equity.

9. RWC Insurance Advantage

  • Insurance program designed exclusively for RWC Warranty Members.
  • General Liability, Builders Risk & Contractors Equipment insurance available.
  • Insured by a company rated “A- (Excellent)” by A.M. Best.
  • Call (866) 454-2155 or use our online form for an RIA insurance quote.

10. Value to your Buyers

  • Protection in the event of a warranted major structural defect failure.
  • Resale value may increase for homeowners passing along an RWC warranty on the home.
  • Expert 2nd Opinion in the event of a dispute over potential home issues.

For more information on how the RWC warranties can impact your business, call us at 800-247-1812, Ext 2149 or email


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