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A Contractor’s Guide to Selling a New House Quickly

Preparing a house for a quick sale can seem overwhelming. As a builder or a contractor, getting the house built may seem like crossing the finish line, but sometimes that’s not enough to seal the deal. Following these expert tips will help you attract buyers, not just sightseers – which […]

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5 Construction Management Tips to Effectively Deliver Every Project

From start to finish, there needs to be a process for everything if you want your construction business to be a success. This is especially true if you are starting in an area that already offers many new construction options for home buyers. Following these tips might not guarantee success […]

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Number Crunch

A simple number can really give you perspective. Perhaps you were on the fence about doing more remodeling? Or are trying to brainstorm ideas for a fresh take on the homes you build? Consider these numbers and be inspired to try that new kitchen design or implement features in your […]

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