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Keep up with the latest news in the building and construction industry. From new industry regulations to trends in the housing market, we aim to keep all of our builders well-informed and equipped to build superior homes.

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New NAHB Jobsite Safety App is Now Available

NAHB, a leader in safety and health education and compliance assistance for residential construction, has released a new mobile tool called the NAHB Jobsite Safety Handbook. This application — available in both the Apple and Google Play app stores — was built to help home builders, contractors, and workers identify […]

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Bigger Is Not Always Better – But Less Can Be More

With the prices of existing homes remaining largely unaffordable, the number of available home listings shrinking, and record high mortgage rates, potential homebuyers are looking to newly constructed homes to fill the gap. As a result, builders are expected to meet the rising demand for new homes while also dealing […]

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New Jersey's Evolving Building Trends in 2024

The building sector in New Jersey is undergoing a dramatic transition in 2024, one that is focused more on innovation, sustainability, and community-centered development. Statewide, developers and architects are adopting a number of ideas that are changing both the built environment and how people live and work. The use of […]

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Building A New Generation of Contractors

The days of supply chain shortages may be in the rearview mirror, but a new challenge now plagues the construction industry - an increasing lack of skilled construction labor. To meet market demand, the construction industry needs approximately 723,000 new workers each year. The number of open construction sector jobs […]

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If You Build It They Will Come

The Kevin Costner film, Field of Dreams, is a favorite movie of sports fans, and of baseball fans, in particular. Based on W. P. Kinsella’s novel, Shoeless Joe, the movie follows the struggles of an Iowa farmer, Ray Kinsella, who tries desperately to wring enough money from his farm to […]

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Time for a Tune Up?

On November 19th, the Formula One Grand Prix World Championship took over the streets of Las Vegas. Before we know it, we will be exiting 2023 and racing toward the end of the year. With that in mind, now may be a good time to glance in the rearview and […]

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A New Beginning

The 2023 National Sales Meeting, held in Harrisburg, PA, October 24-26, brought forth a blend of emotions as we welcomed new faces, felt the absence of some big personalities, and embarked on a journey to accomplish some major achievements. At the 11th hour we got the unfortunate news that we […]

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Texas’ HB 2024 Law Makes Significant Changes

Are you aware that Texas' HB 2024 Law made significant changes on how your builder warranty responsibilities are handled? The Texas Legislature enacted HB 2024 in June which significantly impacts the statute of repose, reducing the builder's responsibilities from 10 years to 6 years! Under the old statute of repose, […]

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Life is Better on the Bright Side

Optimism. It was a favorite theme of our parents when they told us to hold our heads high and keep our chins up. We heard it from coaches and teachers who suggested that we should look on the bright side of things. “Count your blessings” is advice often heard from […]

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Home Builder Solutions to Beat Supply-Chain Challenges

The past two years of supply-chain disruptions, compounded by labor shortages, have forced builders to improvise, adapt and overcome. Throughout these still-challenging times, builders have come up with creative and viable solutions to properly complete homes when the critical path becomes the path less followed. Here are some examples.  1. […]

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