RWC Warranty

RWC: Not a "One Trick Pony"

April 11, 2014

Just like those builders who diversify their projects so that they stay busy regardless of what the economy is doing, RWC is also diversified in its home warranty plans.

We offer warranties for builders who provide remodeling services, construct commercial projects, or even build detached garages. In addition, there are situations in which the traditional 10 year warranty is not a good fit, either for the builder or the project. For those unique situations, RWC’s affiliate, Residential Structural Warranty (RSW), offers 1 year renewable coverage.

If you find yourself in a situation where the ‘usual’ warranty you provide just doesn’t quite fit, give us a call! Odds are we will have a type of home warranty coverage that aligns with your needs.


5 Year Commercial Warranty

  • 1 Year of Coverage on Workmanship & Materials.
  • 2 Years of Coverage on Selected Portions of Mechanical Systems.
  • 5 Years of Coverage on Major Structural Components.
  • Fees are based on square footage, type of construction, and usage.

5 Year Detached Garage Warranty

  • 5 Years of Coverage on Designated Structural Elements.
  • Includes specific and measurable standards to evaluate structural defects.

1 Year Renewable Structural Warranty

  • An innovative approach to written warranties available under the trademark name of Residential Structural Warranty.
  • 1-year structural coverage is available on designated structural elements.
  • Nominal administrative fee for the first year of coverage.
  • Option to pre-purchase future years of coverage.
  • Additional years of coverage are offered directly to homeowners by RSW.

Conversion Warranty

  • (For residential projects being converted from commercial buildings).
  • Option A: 2 Years of Coverage on Workmanship & Materials.
  • Option B: 1 Year of Coverage on Workmanship & Materials and 5 Years of Coverage on Major Structural Components.

Set yourself apart from the competition in bid situations by including a home warranty designed specifically for your type of project. Click here for further information.