How Can We Help You?? Introducing RWC’s New Concierge Service

We’ve all experienced bad service at some point. Whether it’s slow or inept service at a restaurant, a business vendor that underdelivers, talking to an employee with a lackluster attitude about solving your problem, or my personal favorite, those automated attendants on the phone that create an endless loop of frustration. It’s no fun and it leaves a bad taste in your mouth for far longer than the original encounter lasted.

At RWC, we have been proud of our commitment to customer service over our 40 years in business – we think our service sets us apart from others in our industry – but… we also know that we aren’t perfect and that there is always room for improvement. So, we are thrilled to announce the creation of our brand new “Concierge Service” designed to help us step up our service to the next level.

This is not one of those trendy, yet frustrating “automated call centers” but an actual experienced human! Novel approach, huh? In charge of our Concierge Service will be none other than RWC’s Bryon Earhart. Bryon has been appointed RWC’s Customer Advocate, and he will use his 34 years of experience in the warranty industry to help your customer experience be as pleasant and fruitful as possible.

Many of you have talked with Bryon over the years and know that he is personable, knowledgeable and tenacious at resolving issues. He’s the man now tasked with spearheading our customer service improvement initiative and brings all his experience to help you, our valued member, get the most benefit possible out of your RWC membership.

Feel free to reach out to Bryon…

  • Have a question on your membership renewal or documents being requested from you?
  • Looking for some type of enrollment report or trying to track down a specific enrollment?
  • Not sure who to talk to about a particularly difficult homeowner?
  • Did you have an unpleasant experience with an RWC employee? We want to know about it.

You can reach Bryon directly at 800-247-1812, Ext 2199 or bryon.earhart@rwcwarranty.com.

And of course, your Account Executive is still here to help, but with RWC, you now have a Customer Advocate anxious to provide you with Concierge Service.

Bryon may not be able to hook you up with tickets to the hottest Broadway show but he is your ticket to the best customer service around.


Reminder of What’s On Our Menu of Choices for RWC

  • Warranty Express – Enrollments, Membership Renewal, Reports of Homes Enrolled, Order Supplies & More
  • Customized State Warranties – mirrors the statute of repose in your state
  • Remodeler Warranties – perfect add on for those remodeling jobs
  • Specialty Warranties – Detached Garages, Converted Condos, Commercial Projects
  • Incentive Program – Get rewarded for good claims experience (minimum enrollment requirements apply)
  • Appliance & Systems Warranties – Extended warranties are now available on newly construction homes
  • Commercial Insurance – get a quote for GL, Builder’s Risk, and Contractor’s Equipment

More Options From Us Means a Better Fit for You