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Over 380,000 Housing-Related Jobs Up For Grabs

According to an analysis by PeopleReady.com's skilled trades division, there were 388,345 jobs posted for trades-related workers between May and June of this year.

Positions most in demand are:

  • Concrete Masons
  • Window Glaziers
  • House Painters
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Carpenters

NAHB Members and HBAs are trying to do their part and actively recruit the next generation, however, finding qualified subs and trades continues to be a challenge for the residential construction industry. Nonetheless, they are stepping up to the plate and taking action. By providing supplies, scholarships, and one-on-one connections with students, HBAs around the country are getting out into their communities to spread the word about the rewarding jobs throughout the industry through:

- Lectures at Community Colleges - Supplies and Scholarship Support through High Schools and Local Technical Schools - Direct Connections to Career Professionals through Events and Home Shows

NAHB.org's Careers in Construction toolkit has ideas and resources for members and HBAs to connect with their local community. Check it out!

Source nahb.org