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Sales Team Achievement Awards

Rich McPhee, Outstanding Sales Exec

While in Las Vegas for the International Builders Show earlier this year, the RWC/ HOME / MHWC 2019 Sales Achievement Awards were announced. While the majority of these awards are all based on “countable” results, our Top Award, Outstanding Account Executive of the Year, encompasses much more and includes all the little “intangibles” or hard to quantify qualities that are the hallmark of a great Salesperson.

Patience, tenacity, product knowledge, dependability, willingness to work selflessly for the team are just a few. Our companies are blessed to have a talented and extremely conscientious group of sales people which makes picking the “Top Dog” for any particular year a challenge.

This year’s Outstanding Account Executive of the Year accolade goes to Rich McPhee! Rich is the face of our company in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, most of Pennsylvania, and handles builders doing 50 or more homes in several more states as well. He willingly left his own territory multiple times during the course of 2019 to help us at a variety of shows and events and seems to be a perennial candidate for this award every year. Rich has been with us now for over 6 years and he has made a huge impact on his territory, both with new sales as well as retention. His knowledge of the home warranty industry, combined with his excellent customer service, is unparalleled making him an invaluable asset to the many RWC members he deals with on a daily basis.

As any sales-driven organization is well aware, success of a company is unobtainable without hard-working and dedicated sales people. Again, this year, we are blessed that several different Account Executives worked their way into contention for all of our companies’ top awards, making ours a truly a well-rounded and dedicated sales team. New for us this year, is an achievement award for our newest product line, Key Estates. We’re all still getting our feet wet with this program, but we have high hopes for it to be a robust revenue stream for the Parmer Organization in the not too distance future.

Much special recognition to mention this year:

  • Kudos to Jody Lehman, our Assistant Sales Manager for helping to keep all the reps – and me – on point with the wide variety of tasks to complete. She’s the rudder that keeps our ship moving forward rather than circles.
  • Ashley Lehman, our brand-new Administrative Assistant is doing a great job helping us keep our contact management system up to date, processing mailings and tracking down leads for the reps to pursue. She’s even tackling Welcome Calls to our newly approved members.
  • Agnes Brennan continues to be a critical team member, helping us to help our builders maintain their membership each year.
  • Susan Duncan continues to provide knowledgeable support to our Texas reps. Texas is a massive territory and Susan’s efforts help Diana and JT keep their eyes on the prize.
  • Ann Cooper, a new but not really new member of the team as she made her return to sales after a “short hiatus” elsewhere, has been one of our primary lead hunters for Key Estates and she’s tracked down literally hundreds of them for us so far.

While the sales people in the field generally are the ones that gain the recognition, the people behind the scenes are extremely important to provide the support needed to get the job done. Congratulations to Rich, to all the 2019 Sales Awards Winners and to our support team!  Truly a job well done by all!!!


Awards & Recognitions:

Outstanding Account Executive of the Year

Rich McPhee first place

Staci Cool second place

Freddy Pesqueira third place


Most New Applications

Jana Watts first place

Freddy Pesqueira second place

John Felbaum third place


Most Projected Homes Total

Freddy Pesqueira first place

Jana Watts second place

Staci Cool third place


Highest Approval Rate

Jana Watts first place

Tifanee McCall second place

Freddy Pesqueira third place


Average Size Builder Application

Staci Cool first place

Freddy Pesqueira second place

JT Laramore third place


Best Retention Rate

Tifanee McCall first place

Rich McPhee second place (tie)

Staci Cool second place (tie)

Fred Taylor third place


Most New Apps Over 20 Homes Per Year

Diana Gomez first place

Tifanee McCall second place (tie)

Freddy Pesqueira second place (tie)

Jana Watts third place


Most KEY Estates & Platinum Advantage Sign-Ups

Staci Cool first place

Lydia Toscano second place

John Felbaum third place

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