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3 Things Builders Should Look for in a New Home Warranty

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Builders, remodelers and manufacturers need a trusted, experienced company to work with when presenting the benefits of a new home warranty to potential homebuyers. Here’s how to choose one.

Today’s savvy home buyer is always looking for information and tools that make their buying – and building – decision a bit easier. When a new home warranty is placed on a home, it can offer the buyer key reassurances, encouraging them to invest in a home building company they may not have thought to partner with before. A new home warranty is a way to minimize risk to builders and worried buyers and offer that peace-of-mind that helps everyone sleep well at night.

Before all else, though, builders should work to develop a solid relationship with a trusted new home warranty company. While there are numerous options available, they’re not all the same. Look for a home warranty company offering the most attractive features and resources for home buyers.

1. A Reliable, Effective New Home Warranty Program

Reliable Home Warranty Company

At the heart of any solid construction company is an effective, comprehensive new home warranty program. Product options change from one company to the next. These features tend to be quite valuable to builders, so it is important to understand the particulars of each variety. 

Warranty Types Available 

Choose a company with a wide selection of warranty options. Builders like to be able to choose what works for their needs and business model, and one size does not fit all. Many times, the type of warranty makes a big difference in the benefits perceived by consumers. 

  • Full Coverage: Full coverage warranties are more comprehensive and capable of offering more extensive protections. Typically, Structural Coverage is coupled together with industry-accepted standards for 1st and 2nd year items (workmanship, materials, & selected portions of mechanical systems).
  • Limited Coverage: Structural only warranties cost a bit less, but they can provide basic and essential coverage on the load bearing portions of a home. 
  • State Specific Warranty: Each individual state warranty is crafted to meet that state’s statutes regarding new home warranties. This is a unique program offered only by RWC.
  • Manufactured System Coverage: Building systems warranties for specific home structures, such as modular properties and log homes, provide coverage on factory-built homes. Manufactured home warranty programs are also written specifically for the HUD-Code industry.  
  • Specialty Warranties: Builders and remodelers may also be interested in coverage for other projects including commercial buildings, conversions, and detached garages.
  • Extended Warranties: Platinum Advantage Extended Warranty is an economical option offered through builders for coverage on appliances and mechanical systems on new site-built homes or new factory built (HUD Code) homes.

Look to a company with a menu of options for the specific style and type of home you typically build. Builders unsure of what type of warranty is right for them can get support from Residential Warranty Company, LLC (RWC) during the selection process. 

Length of Warranty 

Historically, the standard 10-year warranty is what this industry has provided and is the coverage builders have become accustomed to. Ten-year warranties are an effective way to deal with a variety of issues including customer service, marketing, and mandated new home legislation. They may provide outstanding benefits to homebuyers looking for more protection. Residential Warranty Company, LLC offers a variety of options to fit all needs, including customized state warranties, which is the most unique and specialized warranty program in the industry.  Each individual state warranty is crafted to meet that state’s statutes regarding new home warranties.  For example, statutes in Indiana require that roof systems be warranted by the builder for 4 years so the RWC Indiana Warranty includes that coverage. In Iowa, structural components of homes must be warranted for 10 years, so in that state, the warranty term is 10 years. 


A key feature for many homeowners is whether the warranty is transferable. This allows for the next home buyer to maintain the same warranty on the property.

The warranties available through Residential Warranty Company, LLC are transferable. The resale value on a home may increase for homeowners passing along an RWC warranty on the home.

Insured Warranty Protection

Insured warranty protection provides lasting protection for property owners. The best warranties are insured independently from the builder of the property. That’s an important, but often hard to compare feature. When separate like this, it does not matter what happens to the builder. The warranty remains in place and protecting the property owner during the term of the warranty. 

In some areas, builders may come and go. Having this particular feature means there’s less risk to the home buyer that the warranty itself will terminate should the builder close up or go bankrupt. 

Since some builder warranties are uninsured and unwritten policies, they lack any real support in cases of a builder’s failure. That leaves the home buyer exposed. With a new home, then, a third-party warranty is a better bet.

Warranty protection provided by Residential Warranty Company, LLC includes insured warranty protection. That’s long-term protection no matter what happens to a home builder. 

Well-Recognized Company

It’s always beneficial to have a company that’s well respected in the industry. This allows the home buyer to verify the company’s reputation. It also ensures that the builder can verify that the company is a solid partner in the process. 

If a company is not well known, or is sold and resold, there is little ability to prove their service and their long-term experience. This could mean a less secure or beneficial product. Instead, look for a company with an outstanding reputation.

Residential Warranty Company, LLC has nearly 40 years of experience and has written warranties on more than 3 million homes.

Clear Warranty Book

This may seem like a simple feature, but it is typically overlooked. Not all companies offer a clearly written warranty book, one that outlines all of the policy details and features. Not having this can be a significant problem for a homeowner down the road.

When choosing companies for new warranties, ensure there is a set of clearly written standards and that the buyer receives a written copy of those standards. This ensures that every feature and coverage element is clearly outlined and understood in advance of purchasing the warranty. This is something you can expect from Residential Warranty Company, LLC.

2. Outstanding Builder Support and Benefits Are Always Provided 

As a builder, you need to understand the roles that warranty pros play within your business. It has become more common for home buyers, including those buying existing homes and those purchasing newly built homes, to insist on warranties. Insurance companies and homeowners’ associations typically approve of them as well. However, it is not always clear which company is the best fit.

Strictly from a builder’s point of view, there are a few essential features to look for in any organization to determine if they are the right team to partner with. Take a look at a few key features we offer at Residential Warranty Company, LLC to encourage the best support for agents. 

Marketing Support for Builders

It’s always a good idea to have the right tools to help you market your services to home buyers and sellers. With the help of a comprehensive set of marketing tools, that is easier to do. It also saves builders money in not having to develop these marketing tools on their own. 

When incorporating the availability of third-party insured warranties through your service, buyers can feel more at ease with their purchase. When a home is resold during the warranty period, the warranty can help secure a new buyer by extending protection to that new buyer. This is an important and valuable marketing tool.

Membership Is Qualified 

Another commonly overlooked feature to consider when choosing a new home warranty company is the quality of its members. Learn who they are and what they offer. Warranty members should be well- respected, proven companies. They should have the ability to back and stand behind the products they create. 

As a builder, it is vital to choose a company that has very stringent screening criteria for these members. This should include areas such as technical compliance and financial stability. Partnering with an organization that has ethical members is also essential for most builders. 

Limited Liability Risks

A key reason to work with a respected home warranty provider is the risk management and reduced liability it brings to builders. A well written warranty can limit liability by outlining which party is responsible for making the necessary defect repairs, depending on the specific terms spelled out in each warranty product. 

3. Excellent Customer Service That MakesBuilders Look Good, Too

builder and homeowner talking in new construction.

While it may be easy to overlook the value of customer service, when choosing a new warranty company, this could be the most important consideration. The builder needs to know that the company they decide to work with is there to help them whenever there is a problem. As a builder, it is very important to align yourself with a warranty company willing and able to ensure the best possible service to every client, whether it is in the beginning stages of membership or when servicing a homeowner’s complaint.

Building homes is no easy process. Selling and servicing them is not either. However, when you have a warranty company that treats your homebuyers like you would treat them, you can feel confident aligning your services with them. Here are a few ways that Residential Warranty Company, LLC can help in this way.

Outstanding Online Info Access

One of the nice features available to both builders and homebuyers is information. This may sound very simple, but some warranty companies that offer limited information online, require an in-person meeting to discuss the warranty.

A better option is to have access to information upfront through a comprehensive website. There are many resources available through Residential Warranty Company, LLC that all parties can use to learn more about warranty types, lengths, coverage limitations, and costs. This can make the entire process a bit easier to manage and is a fantastic education tool for builders and homebuyers alike.

Excellent Customer Service

Another nice feature is that Account Executives are readily available to answer questions and explain why an RWC warranty is an essential ingredient in any new home construction or remodeling project. RWC offers competitive rates and has an extensive menu of warranty choices.

From becoming a member to enrolling homes to warranty resolution, there are professionals available through Residential Warranty Company LLC to help guide a builder (or homeowner) through the entire process. 

When you invest time in finding a warranty company you can truly trust and expect to provide exceptional service, you do not have to worry about the relationship. You gain the benefit of being able to connect your buyers and the peace-of-mind they need. This pays off for years to come even as those clients sell their home in the future with a warranty in place. 

Online Enrollment Feature

The home enrollment process is very simple and straightforward. Warranty Express is RWC’s online system which includes the ability to enroll homes and obtain reports, execute membership renewal, and a simple way to order free marketing materials. It can be one of the easiest and stress-free ways to stay organized and have each home and its warranty info at your fingertips.

One of the excellent benefits of this is that it works as a cohesive process for the builder and saves both time and money. On today’s fast track called life, no one has the time or the desire to manually complete enrollment forms for each and every home built. In fact, Warranty Express allows builders to enroll multiple homes at once and the system provides immediate confirmation that the home was enrolled. Plus, as part of this electronic system, the warranty book is immediately ready for you to download. 

Dispute Resolution Tools

No one wants to think about problems occurring, but they can from time to time. With Residential Warranty Company, LLC, a dispute resolution system is in place to minimize any type of ongoing problem or concern. This process ensures that the builder or the homeowner can voice concerns in an open environment. Both parties receive free mediation services from Residential Warranty Company, LLC to help resolve any disputes that do occur, during set time periods as described in their warranty.

Learn more about how new home warranties can benefit your business. Call Residential Warranty Company, LLC at (800) 247-1812 x2149 or contact us now online for one-on-one help. 


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