Number Crunch

July 27, 2017

Wod bubble graphic showing how much money is invested in the kitchen and bath business.A simple number can really give you perspective. Perhaps you were on the fence about doing more remodeling? Or are trying to brainstorm ideas for a fresh take on the homes you build? Consider these numbers and be inspired to try that new kitchen design or implement features in your homes for the aging population, for example. ...Or simple impress your colleagues with some fun industry facts!

Percentage of current housing stock that offers all three of these features to support independent living for an aging population: zero-step entrances, single-floor living, and wide halls and doorways.

Average U.S. home size, which is nearly 30% larger than European homes, but smaller than the Australian average of 2032 sq. ft.

Size of the kitchen and bath remodeling industry.

The percentage of contractors that said the number one way to drive up costs is when homeowners ask for changes after a project begins. These changes increase the cost by an average of 10 percent.