RWC Warranty

Know Your Warranty: Options

Occasionally we will highlight a section of the warranty book just as a reminder of how things work or to demonstrate protections built into the warranties. This time, we thought a reminder of all the various warranty options available to you by virtue of your RWC membership might be helpful.

Let’s start off here: http://www.rwcwarranty.com/builders/whats-covered/. As an RWC Member, you have choices galore!

You can have a warranty with Major Structural Defect coverage or a warranty with coverage on Designated Structural Elements. You can have coverage that includes workmanship, materials, mechanical systems and structural components or you can pare it down to one that just covers structural components. You can stick to the traditional FHA/VA approved 10-year variety or customize it with a warranty that mirrors your state’s statutes.

That covers the “new home” variety of warranties. But we know that many builders out there do much more that build new homes. They remodel, they convert commercial structures into condos, they may build a detached garage and on and on.

That being said, check out the RWC Menu of Choices at rwclive.wpengine.com/builders/warranty-options/ 

- RemodelerWarranties with options to fit the job (and in states like Indiana & Minnesota, to meet state statutes as well)Commercial Warranties
- Conversion Warranties
- Building Systems Warranties
- HUD-Code Manufactured Home Warranties
- Appliance & Systems Extended Warranties*
- 1 Year Renewable Warranties
- Commercial Insurance Products (GL, Builder’s Risk, and Contractor’s Equipment)

*Available in select states only at this time.

We’re working hard to meet the needs of our Membership. If you have a need for a warranty and we don’t have a product to meet that need, let us know and we’ll look into it. We’re always on the lookout for ways to better serve our Members!