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Real Estate Pros: 5 Perks of RWC’s New Home Warranties

As a real estate professional, why should you care about new home warranties? What’s in it for you?

Here’s 5 perks of having a solid RWC home warranty in place – perks that benefit both you, the builder, and the potential buyer:  

  1. It Just Looks Good
    As a Real Estate Agent, you know the market for new home construction sales is both competitive and complicated. Not only are builders competing against each other for sales, but also against the resale and foreclosure markets. A new home warranty is a distinguishing feature that makes a new home even more attractive to potential buyers.
  2. Quality
    Obviously, the home buyer must qualify under today’s rigid requirements, but the builder may also need to meet certain criteria. Whether a home is financed by a conventional, FHA or VA loan, be assured that a home built by an RWC member is constructed with quality.
  3. Buyer Peace of Mind
    Written, insured warranties provide recourse for repairs for your buyers. If the builder is unable or unwilling to correct warranted defects, the Warranty Insurer steps in. Without a warranty, in these uncertain times, a homeowner might be forced to “go it alone” in a time when the average major structural defect exceeds $30,000.
  4. Protection
    Real Estate agents benefit directly from the warranty in the event a defect does occur. The warranty ensures that either the builder or the home warranty company will rectify warranted defects.
  5. Assurance
    Warranty members have passed stringent screening criteria for professional building ethics, financial stability, and technical competence. As a result, agents are better assured that the home is built by a more qualified builder.

And the benefits of RWC’s home warranties for real estate pros don’t stop there! Click here to discover additional reasons to secure home warranty coverage with RWC.

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