RWC Warranty

Set Yourself Apart with RWC’s Insured Home Warranties

Finally, after several lean years, the new home building industry is enjoying improvement. The nation’s vacant home inventory is virtually depleted and new homes are being built again to meet the demand. Interest rates are still low and buyers have more confidence, so not only are homes being built, but they’re being bought.

What are you doing to entice buyers and set yourself apart from your competitors? What kinds of bells and whistles are you including in your homes that other builders are not? How are you promoting your quality and strength? What’s your response to a potential buyer when they ask, “What if I have a problem in my home and you’re out of business?”

That’s a real concern for buyers. None of us can forget how difficult the economy has been. We’re all cautious when making large purchases. Home buyers especially want to be assured they’re getting the most for their money and that they’re purchasing a home from a reputable, quality builder.

By providing RWC’s sensible home warranty, you’re proving to your customers that if there’s a problem in their home, it will be corrected. We investigate all of our members. We want to be sure our members have a solid reputation, build a quality home, have financial strength, and provide excellent customer service. You don’t just subscribe to RWC. You earn your membership, so be sure to proudly include and display the fact that you’re a RWC member. Add our new logo to your printed materials and media advertising and add a link on your website to our homeowners page.

This will also help you compete against resale homes on the market. Most resale homes include a third party home warranty. Quality, reputation, reliability, warranties, and assurance are all very important factors in a home buying decision.

Have you ever had a difficult homeowner after the sale? RWC can help you there, too. Our dispute resolution process is extremely effective. We have trained individuals that assist you and your homeowner through a free 30 day mediation process. Mediation is efficient and effective. From time to time, a homeowner isn’t satisfied with the outcome. For those occasions, binding arbitration is available. Again, RWC’s staff schedules and assists the parties through this process.

Now that homebuilding is gearing up again, be sure to emphasize your advantages. Don’t miss out on sales because you didn’t promote yourself effectively. In addition to your company’s profile information, be sure to advertise that you provide an insured, third party warranty from the nation’s largest home warranty company. Warranties issued by RWC are insured by Western Pacific Mutual Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group (WPMIC). WPMIC specializes in new home warranties and, in fact, does not write insurance for any other unrelated risk. The financial strength of the company – over $100 million in surplus equity – dedicated for new home warranty resolution means you don’t have to worry about the insurer behind your warranty going out of business because of either man-made or natural catastrophic losses (hurricanes, oil spills, etc.).

The benefits of RWC’s home warranties are numerous for your homebuyers and for you. Enroll today!