RWC Warranty

RWC’S Warranty Express Offers Online Home Enrollments & More

Residential Warranty Company, LLC (RWC), a new home warranty provider since 1981, offers online home enrollment! Warranty Express allows a builder to enroll homes online and save both the time spent on manual form preparation and the postage spent in submitting those enrollments.

With the click of a button, RWC has transformed home enrollment into a one-step system. Warranty Express streamlines the enrollment process by eliminating initial enrollments, deposits and some additional surcharges if the warranty fee is paid online. Immediate confirmation is sent that the enrollment has been received. Warranty books and closing documents may be printed from the convenience of the builder’s office or settlement office. FHA confirmation letters may also be generated online. Home buyers benefit from the reduced time to prepare the settlement paperwork for closing.

Knowing that builders often are required to juggle several tasks simultaneously, Warranty Express lets the builder start the electronic enrollment process, save the work done and come back later to finish or edit before submitting it. Multiple homes may be enrolled at one time over a secure site to protect privacy.

Residential Warranty Company, LLC has made its mark on the industry by providing an entire menu of programs and services for builders, real estate professionals, manufacturers and lenders. With over 3 million homes warranted over 33 years, RWC is committed to providing the strongest, most versatile warranty programs. To find out more about the RWC Warranty Express electronic enrollment system, call 800-247-1812 ext. 2149 or send an e-mail to sales@rwcwarranty.com. 

DATE:  May, 2013