New Home Warranties In Delaware

RWC allows Builders in Delaware to make the call

Choosing an RWC warranty not only safeguards homeowners from unforeseen repair expenses but also showcases your dedication to the quality and durability of your construction practices. In an industry where trust is paramount, a warranty becomes a distinctive factor that sets you apart from competitors. Buyers looking for long-term value and security in their investment will appreciate your partnership with RWC.
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Our Delaware Customized State Warranty

Our State Specific Warranty, better known as the Customized State Warranty (CSW), warranty program stands out as the most distinctive and specialized plan in the industry. Each individual state warranty is crafted to meet the state’s statutes regarding new home warranties.

Unique Features of Our Delaware CSW Program

6 Year Warranty Term.
Day 1 Structural Coverage by RWC’s Insurer.
Workmanship, Materials, and Mechanical Systems are covered for 1 year.
Structural Coverage on Designated Structural Elements is provided for 6 years.
Pricing based on low flat rates per home.
Builder liability is limited to 1 year.
New homes with sales prices less than $4 million are eligible.

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Need Coverage Options?

Check out our 10 Year Major Structural Defect Warranty

Historically, the standard 10-Year Major Structural Defect (MSD) Warranty is what the industry has provided, and it is the coverage to which builders have been accustomed. Ten-year new home builders' warranties have been effective in addressing a variety of issues, including customer service, marketing, and mandated new home legislation.
10 Year Warranty Program

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