House built of folded moneyLet’s talk about you. Do you build at least 20 homes per year? Or do you build at least $2 million in sales volume?

If you can answer yes to either question, have you considered joining our exclusive Incentive program?

The Incentive program is a great way for qualifying Members to effectively reduce their overall warranty costs by maintaining a high level of quality construction and customer service. Members receive “cash” back for a good claims record.

The idea behind the program is that if you have a good track record regarding claims issues for the 1st 5 years of your home enrollments, then the warranty company lets you “cash in” during the 2nd 5 years and earn back some of those premium dollars.

Both you and the warranty company chip in an initial minimum deposit to open up an Incentive account. Every time you enroll a home while in the Incentive program, the warranty company redirects a portion of the premium you’ve paid us into an account. As homes are enrolled, the fund grows. If you have a claim or hard-cost expenses (think Engineer’s structural inspection or geotechnical soils test) relating to a claim, we use this fund first – because those were insurance premium dollars that were being set aside rather than being paid to the insurer. If you don’t have a claim, the fund just keeps on growing.

Then beginning in year 6 and continuing through year 10, you start to receive checks back from us based solely on your own claims experience. It’s like betting on your own track record that you won’t have serious major structural defects in your homes.

If you have claims, you haven’t lost anything because you’ve paid the exact same rate that you were paying before joining the Incentive program. If you don’t have claims, you “cash in” and stand to get back up to 15% of your premium dollars.

After the first year, we’ll even waive your annual registration fee of $295 for every year that you participate in the program. That saves $1180 for your bottom line over the first 5 years even if you never get one penny back in distributions. It’s pretty much a win-win proposition.

So again I say, let’s talk about you. Can we help you cash in? Call us today at 800-247-1812, Ext 2149 for a free, no obligation illustration based on your company’s numbers and let’s see if we can help you benefit a little more from your good customer service.