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Eliminate Buyer concerns with a Key Estates Extended Home Warranty

– Simplicity: One Short Application enrolls the home.

– Reduce your exposure: Buyers call Key Estates directly post-settlement if problems arise

– Control over Service:   The homeowner always selects the repair provider.  No Claims forms to complete.

– Affordable coverage for Appliances, Systems or Major Structural Components

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What Makes Us Different?

Homeowners Choose Their Own Repair Provider

Most extended warranty companies require homeowners to use their authorized service technicians and submit claim forms. Not at Key Estates! We believe the homeowner should be in control and pick a repair provider on their own volition. Plus, there are no claim forms to fill out. This approach allows greater confidence in who will show up at their door.

Makes Your Life Easier

Real Estate Professionals benefit directly from a Key Estates Warranty should an issue arise. Scrambling to negotiate last-minute deals over a faulty appliance or system are minimized and any problems that occur after closing won’t be a concern. The homeowner will call Key Estates’ Administrator directly with any issues, saving you post-sale headaches.

Unique Coverage Options

Key Estates stands proud knowing it covers more major appliances as “standard” than most other companies. What’s more, Key Estates also offer true major structural defect coverage and structural inspection. That’s right! Coverage on foundations and load-bearing parts of your home.

Free Listing Coverage

Key Estates offers a free listing period of 180 days. Surprise expenses, especially while the home is on the market, can really throw a monkey wrench into the situation. No one wants deals going belly up or buyers walking away because of appliance or system failures. Having a warranty is a win-win for everyone!

We Got Your Back

Key Estates is an insured warranty backed by Western Pacific Mutual Insurance Company, RRG, (or WPMIC) which has been rated “A- (Excellent)” by AM Best continuously since 2001. In fact, WPMIC currently has over $130 million in surplus equity. That’s some serious Hulk-sized financial strength backing Key Estates! We gotcha covered!

Everyone Walks Away A Winner

Typically, homes with warranties tend to sell faster and for more. Buyers also win because the warranty provides a buffer for their wallet in the event of a failure and can help regulate the price tag associated with homeownership. And finally, for Real Estate Pros, A warranty eases stress, helps you stand out in the market, and improves your odds of closing the sale.

The Key Estates Advantage

Nationwide Coverage & Repairs

Because of our coverage area and the ability for the homeowner to select their own repair provider, the ease and simplicity of our Home Warranty coverage is unrivaled.

Peace of Mind for Homeowners

When you include a home warranty in your next sale, you’re providing a way to keep the sale on course even in the event of unexpected repair during the home’s listing period.

What’s even better is the client can continue the coverage after the home sale is complete to extend the Home Warranty after they’ve moved into their new home.

Key Coverage Advantages

  • Purchase 1 or 2 terms for coverage with economical pricing on a wide array of appliances & mechanical systems.
  • We allow your homeowners to select the repair provider of their choice. That’s peace of mind that they remain in control of the repair.
  • Key Estates offers major structural defect coverage on existing homes as optional coverage.  An inspection by a professional engineer is required to secure this option.
  • All Key Estates warranties include an arbitration provision in the event you disagree with our evaluation of a potential repair issue.  We give you the ability to get another opinion.
  • Coverage during the listing period is available at no upfront cost.

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