Hypothetical situation. Let's say you've been contracted to build a custom home by someone who was referred to you by a satisfied customer. This individual owns the land and is financing the project out of his own pocket. You are the general contractor with complete authority over the entire project. The single family home you're building is a typical design and requires nothing out of the ordinary. Construction proceeds without a hitch. Then, with the house about 80% complete, fire breaks out in the basement on a Sunday night. The fire department determines a homeless person had decided to camp out in the unsecured structure and started a small fire to keep warm. Of course, it quickly got out of control and now more than $200,000 in materials have literally gone up in smoke.

Your customer thought you were responsible for buying Builders Risk coverage as the general contractor. You were sure they had agreed to purchase a policy as the owner of the project. The written contract makes the general contractor, you, responsible for "all insurance." So you lose that argument. As someone who knew what they were talking about once observed, insurance isn't important until you need it. In trying to figure out what went wrong, you conclude that you have had to finance most of your projects in the past. That meant getting a construction loan from a bank. They won't lend a dime without proof of builders risk. In this case, there was no loan officer to dot all the i's and cross all the t's. Life is in the details.

Thankfully, this is only a hypothetical situation. Few professional builders would make such a mistake...right? Don't take chances. The RWC Insurance Advantage offers Builders Risk coverage almost anywhere in the United States for virtually any size residential construction project through Zurich - number one in Builders Risk insurance.


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