Pisa Leaning tower and Cathedra, and tourists l in Italy in summertimeOn August 14, 1173 Bonanno Pisano, began construction on an 183’ high marble and stone bell tower in Pisa, Italy. It took nearly 200 years to complete, but trouble started long before. Within five years of breaking ground, the bell tower began to lean due to a shallow foundation set in unstable subsoil. The design was flawed from the beginning. A builder’s worst nightmare? Just the opposite. Today the Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations.

For the rest of us less able to make lemonade from the occasional lemons we’re handed, we need help. Fortunately, for Pisa, the tower’s lean hasn’t caused it to fall over on all those cash-carrying tourists…yet. If that ever happens, the contractor responsible for maintaining the famous landmark better have general liability insurance. Otherwise, it could become the world’s most famous uninsured construction defect claim. Of course, the tower has been standing for over 600 years without falling, so what else is there to worry about? Each year in this country more than seven million injuries are attributed to “slip and fall” accidents. Imagine how many tourists may have slipped or fallen going up and down the steps of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Now imagine how many would-be buyers might slip or fall at one of your model homes or active job sites.

Nobody likes thinking about third party liability claims. Bonanno Pisano didn’t have to because he didn’t live to see his project completed. You’re probably planning on being around for a while and I’m guessing those plans don’t include losing everything you’ve worked for because someone was seriously injured at one of your job sites. If my guess is right, we’d like to help. Give RWC Insurance Advantage a chance to review your current general liability coverage. Call us at (866) 454-2155 and ask for Ron Sweigert or click here for a free no obligation quote.