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Where have all the Starter Homes Gone?

Are builders constructing enough affordable entry-level homes? According to NAHB economists, starter homes are the key to offsetting the current housing industry problems, if builders can get past some roadblocks and hurdles. Check out this article to read more about the […]

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Over 380,000 Housing-Related Jobs Up For Grabs

According to an analysis by’s skilled trades division, there were 388,345 jobs posted for trades-related workers between May and June of this year. Positions most in demand are: Concrete Masons Window Glaziers House Painters Electricians Plumbers Carpenters NAHB Members […]

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Lumber Prices Continue to Cause Concern

From the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic through the current move back toward a more normalized way of life, there have been product shortages due to sudden high demand and proportionately low supply. Toilet paper…under the circumstances, was a bit […]

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