kitchen with stainless appliances and islandYes, you heard that right. RWC and HOME of Texas have taken our Key Estates Extended Warranty product previously offered on existing/resale homes to a whole new level…..And it’s available in any state in the country!

Prior to this, our extended warranty for appliances and mechanical systems in newly built homes was offered under the brand name of Platinum Advantage* and was available in only 21 states.  We’ve rebranded the program and moved it under the Key Estates family of products which allows us to make it available in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia.

Key Estates for New Homes allows homebuyers the option of procuring warranty coverage on their new appliances and systems, extending warranty protection beyond the original manufacturer’s standard warranty.

Setting this home protection plan apart from others is the level of flexibility built into the coverage. The buyer chooses the length of warranty term, the level of service fee, and perhaps the most popular feature of the program, which repair provider to use when a covered appliance or system breaks down. That’s right. The homeowner is in total control. No need to choose a random repairman from a predetermined list. And no crossing fingers and hope that the "repair guy" the other company sends over will be knowledgeable, experienced, or even reliable enough to show up on time as scheduled. This approach allows for greater confidence in who will show up at their door.

Key Estates is economically priced, flexible to meet any client's needs, AND insured. Do you know if "the other guys" offer insured plans or do they "go it alone"? Our warranty is backed by Western Pacific Mutual Insurance Company, RRG (or WPMIC) which has been rated "A- (Excellent)" by AM Best continuously since 2001. WPMIC does not cover any other catastrophic risks, which can affect the insurer's strength. In fact, WPMIC currently has over $120 million in surplus equity. That's some serious hulk-sized financial strength backing Key Estates’ warranties!

Your sales team has mastered the unique elements associated with new construction sales such as site design, reading blueprints, architecture, and the nuances of materials and finishes. Why not take it one more step and add an extended warranty to the sales team arsenal? Combine Key Estates for New Homes with the RWC or HOME structural warranty and create the most comprehensive warranty package for your buyers. This is the perfect solution not only for the most complete protection possible, but it also solves those nagging customer service issues. The beauty of this program is that when the refrigerator breaks down or the dryer takes its last spin, your buyers call OUR toll-free number to start the service process and not you.


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*In Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee, we will continue to use the Platinum Advantage brand.