In the dynamic landscape of sales, the role of account executives stands as a cornerstone for business success. Amidst the myriad challenges and fierce competition, there are those individuals who consistently excel, driving impressive results and forging lasting client relationships. For 2023, we celebrate the accomplishments of these remarkable account executives who have not only met but exceeded expectations, earning them the prestigious recognition of top sales awards.

1st Place - Freddy Pesqueira Outstanding Account Executive of the Year

Freddy is top producer year after year. Mr. Pesqueira was the top of production in 3 major categories, Most New Applications, Most Projected Homes, and Most Big Builders. He hustles in the South East Territory from Florida to Tennessee accepting every challenge presented along the way. With our shift in management this year, Freddy stepped up in a big way, continuing to represent the company with energy, while taking on more responsibility and stepping in when his co-workers needed him most.”


2nd Place - Fred Taylor

Fred Taylor had hands down his best year as an Account Executive with RWC. Fred is a worker. Plain and simple. He has been pounding the pavement for 10 years with RWC. Through difficult times he has persevered and his dedication paid off greatly in 2023.


3rd Place - Staci Cool (bottom left) and Diana Gomez (bottom right)

As a sales rep production is important. Most would say it’s the most vital part of the job and they’d be right. However, it’s not the only part of the job. Especially not this one. Our account executives are often times the face of our companies before and after they have come in the door. This presents constant challenges, opportunities, and unforeseen scenarios. In addition to consistently being top performers, Diana and Staci are the leaders in the club house when it comes to going the extra mile when called upon. Their efforts would be a mighty task to replicate. For that we recognize them as part of our Executive of the year group.