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When you use an RWC structural warranty, you’re using a better warranty for new homes than anyone else out there, especially all those builders who basically self-insure. So you have to tell your buyers about it before they will understand what the value is to a homeowner. And we are pretty certain that the average homeowner today will be impressed with the level of concern you demonstrate by adding this program to your New York new home construction project.

Customized New York State Warranty Coverage

Our Customized State Warranty (CSW) Program is the most unique and specialized new home warranty program in the industry. Each individual state warranty is crafted to meet that state’s statutes regarding builders structural warranties. In New York, the statute is 6 years so our New York Customized State Warranty includes a 6-year term for structural coverage.

Other unique features of our New York CSW Program include:

  • 6 Year Warranty Term.
  • Day 1 Structural Coverage provided by RWC’s Insurer.
  • Workmanship and Materials are covered for 1 year.
  • Select portions of the Mechanical Systems are covered for 2 years.
  • Structural Coverage on Major Structural Defects is provided for 6 years.
  • Pricing based on low flat rates per home.
  • Builder liability in the New York CSW program is limited to 2 years only.
  • New homes with sales prices less than $2 million are eligible for the New York CSW program.

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Need coverage options? Check out our 10 Year Major Structural Defect Warranty.

Historically, the standard 10 Year Major Structural Defect (MSD) warranty is what this industry has provided and is the coverage Builders have become accustomed to. Ten year new home builders’ warranties have been an effective way to deal with a variety of issues including customer service, marketing and mandated new home legislation.

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