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Paint Choices Can Make or Break a Home

Paint choices can make or break a home. There is a lot to ponder and plan, as the color needs to match the floors, tile, cabinetry, furniture, & lighting. Sometimes it’s a decision that requires a vision and imagination, especially in an unfinished, unfurnished new construction home.

Whites or neutrals are always a safe bet, as they will work in any scenario and flow cohesively from room to room. At the same time, the home craves vibrance and personality, all of which can be achieved by that perfect wall color.

Every year, the paint industry announces its “Color of the Year”. This nudges designers, builders, and homeowners to explore new trending color options, and think about a palette that perhaps they would not traditionally consider.

Say hello to ‘Breezeway’, the soothing color that was chosen for 2022:


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