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Texas Builder Warranty Company Promotes New Line of Warranty Product Brochures!

HOME of Texas, the premier builder warranty company in Texas, has developed a new line of brochures for new home builders, remodelers, building systems manufacturers and specialty contractors to summarize the benefits and advantages of warranty membership “at a glance.” From the “Builder” tab on the HOME website, go to the “Builder Warranty Products” page. On each individual product’s page, above the features chart, is a button to download a full color PDF of the new product brochure. There are plenty of home warranty companies out there and HOME of Texas wants to make it as easy as possible for prospective members to review our product line and be able to compare ‘the best’ with ‘all the rest.’ Together with our National Affiliate, Residential Warranty Company, LLC, this builders warranty group has more than 30 years of experience administering home warranties on over 3 million homes, HOME of Texas has new home warranties nailed. These new brochures should make your home warranty comparisons all that much easier.

The definition of “value” is the amount of money, goods or services that is considered to be a fair equivalent for something else. HOME provides an excellent value. One of the least expensive, longest-lasting products a builder can purchase for the homes they build is the HOME of Texas builder warranty. One low warranty fee covers a home for the entire warranty period and provides so much value and numerous marketing advantages.

  • Limited, not unlimited, exposure to the builder.
  • Access to and knowledge from over 30 years of industry experience.
  • A third-party written warranty insured by a Texas Property & Casualty Insurance Company.
  • FHA, VA, USDA approvals when necessary.
  • The ability to use the new home warranty as a marketing feature when advertising or showing homes.
  • FREE Marketing Materials.
  • Should the homeowner decide to resell the home, the warranty is automatically transferable to subsequent buyers for the duration of the warranty term, making the warranty an excellent resale tool for them, as well.
  • An effective resolution process which includes FREE mediation and, if necessary, binding arbitration in the event of a dispute with a homeowner.
  • In fact, HOME resolves over 95% of the warranty resolution disputes administered without the need for arbitration!
  • Specific, detailed written industry standards. If, for any reason, a warranted defect is discovered in a home warranted through HOME, homeowners can be rest assured it will be remedied.
  • Excellent customer service from HOME’s staff.
  • Online enrollment process through Warranty Express.
  • Access to the RWC Insurance Advantage, an intelligent approach to commercial insurance protection for general liability, builders risk and contractors equipment policies.
  • Protection…longevity…strength…experience…third party insurance backing…all of this adds up to solid assurance for members and their homebuyers.

More Options From Us…Means a Better Fit for You!

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