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Announcing Launch Date for RWC’s New Online Validation System

RWC’s Online Home Enrollment Validation is right around the corner! For those “keeping score,” RWC has been fairly busy lately trying to improve its home warranty programs and efficiency for members. That trend continues as RWC, a leading provider of home warranties, gets ready to implement an online process for home enrollment validation. Almost there, RWC anticipates a launch date of October 20th, 2014.

Currently, buyers sign an “Application for Warranty” form at closing. After RWC receives the signed copy and home warranty fee, a validation sticker is sent on a postcard through regular “snail mail” to the homeowner. Depending on how quickly RWC receives information back from closing, when the enrollments are processed, and how quickly the mail is delivered, it can take several weeks until that validation sticker arrives in the buyer’s mailbox.

So what is the “plan” to improve this system? Just like everything else these days, the process will be more electronic to save time and reduce paper.

What stays the same? Those using Warranty Express already receive PDFs of the warranty book and Application for Warranty in time for closing. That part won’t change. Buyers will still need to sign the Application for Warranty. The form needs to be returned to RWC along with payment if not paid for online.

What’s changing? Validation stickers are going away. On the Application for Warranty form, and on the front cover of the warranty books, there will be instructions telling the homeowner to go to to validate their new home warranty. They will answer a few short questions to confirm they are the purchasers and then they will receive a full color PDF of their new “Warranty Confirmation” form.

The Warranty Confirmation will include their validation number, effective date of warranty, terms of home warranty coverage and any applicable Addenda. No waiting for it to arrive in the mail; no requesting a duplicate if the original gets lost; and immediate validation of the warranty whenever they choose to login. Additionally, they will be able to view the warranty book that was issued for their home in the future online. These PDFs may be saved directly to the computer for easy future reference.

For members currently using printed copies of the “live” warranty books (in other words, books that are not stamped “sample”), this will no longer be necessary. Instead, all members are encouraged to provide each and every home buyer with a printed “sample” warranty book. Both the Membership Agreement and the Application for Warranty form reference the fact homeowners are to receive a copy of the warranty prior to closing. Using the FREE “sample” books RWC provides fulfills this requirement, as well as provides an additional layer of defense should a dispute with a homeowner arise. Sample books are full color, beautiful marketing pieces available at no charge!  Request them from the Marketing Dept. at 800-247-1812, Ext 2105 or order online through Warranty Express.

Questions regarding this process or the launch date? Want to order sample books? Contact RWC at 800-247-1812 or


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