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Get the Advantage…Platinum Advantage!

Offered exclusively through our network of approved members, Platinum Advantage extends home warranty protection beyond the original manufacturer’s standard warranty on a variety of appliances and systems in the home. This package approach provides the homeowner the security of more comprehensive and long-term home warranty coverage, but at a substantially lower rate than if they were to buy an individual extended warranty on each item of equipment.

The average homeowner understands that most things ultimately break down. Appliances and systems typically carry a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. Extended home warranties are a cost effective way to deal with expensive and unexpected repair bills. Through Platinum Advantage, homeowners are protected against this potential financial burden for up to 7 years on covered items. Without an extended home warranty, homeowners may have to pay hundreds of dollars for repairs. With Platinum Advantage, homeowners are responsible for only a small service fee.

Setting this home protection plan apart from others is the level of flexibility built into the coverage. Homeowners choose the length of warranty term, the level of service fee, and which repair provider to use when a covered appliance or system breaks down. Additionally, they can select optional coverage to further customize their plan. Platinum Advantage is administered by RWC’s affiliate, USHP, LLC.

The builder benefits from Platinum Advantage in various ways. Exposure to customer service issues is dramatically reduced since USHP takes over complaint handling for problems with covered appliances and systems. An administrative fee may be paid to the builder for every warranty sold, generating extra revenue to make the program profitable and benefit that important bottom line. Ultimately, Platinum Advantage provides a unique marketing tool that will set the builder apart from the competition.

Platinum Advantage is available in select states at this time. For availability and more information about the Platinum Advantage Extended Warranty, please contact us!

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